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Wonder Woman Sale - 25% Off DCB

Hey there,

Dave here. I just got my daughter Sela a new Dark Coffee Brown lab puppy and she named her Wonder Woman. We already have 2 labs and Suzette had said no way to 3, but I figured puppies only count as a half a dog, and so 2 ½ dogs is pretty much the same as 2 dogs. Suzette was pretty riled up about it at first (Suzette’s freakout video here), but she seems to be coming around to Wonder Woman now.

So in honor of our new DCB puppy AND to organize our shelves and ease production for an upcoming something cool, we’re doing a super rare DCB leather sale from now until next Thursday, October 5th. 25% off everything we have in Dark Coffee Brown. Suzette is also doing this within Love 41 for her DCB designs. And because I HATE them, sales aren’t common here at Saddleback unless there’s a good reason. This is a good reason. Trust me. And this is a great chance to get your new favorite bag, wallet or accessory, which also may end up being your dog’s new favorite chew toy...hopefully not.


Dave Munson

El Presidente (The President)

Saddleback Leather Co.

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