We do backorders(Backorders are turned off for the holidays to ensure the timeliness of gifts)

How does it work?

    1. Q. When will my backorder come in?
      A. Well, we can't give you a definitive answer, sorry. Lead times vary for all products. It could be from a few days to several months because of all the different schedules involved. We'll send you an email once we're about to send the leather your way.
    1. Q. When will my card be charged if I have a backordered item?
      A. When you checkout we'll run your card to be sure it's A-OK. You'll see a pending charge, but it will drop off. Once your backordered item is available, we'll re-authorize your card and process the payment.
    1. Q. Will I be charged extra shipping for my backordered item?
      A. Nope! You'll only be charged for the item's regular shipping rate. We'll prorate the shipping as backordered items ship out. There are no additional fees associated with shipping a backorder. For example: If you order a Briefcase and an ID Wallet, the total shipping might be $25. If the wallet was a backorder, your card will only be charged the shipping for the Briefcase when it ships, let's say that's $20. Then when the ID Wallet ships later, we'll charge you for the wallet plus its shipping cost of $5. This is a fictional leather shipping example! Actual shipping costs will vary.
    1. Q. Once my backordered item is back in stock, how long will it take to get to me?
      A. Not much longer now! It'll take about four business days to process everything and get your leather out the door. When it's ready to ship, we'll send you an email along with your tracking number(s). How long it takes after that depends on the carrier and speed you selected at checkout. If you're in the United States it'll take 1-6 business days to receive your package. If you're an international customer you can expect from 3-10 business days.