Sean Smucker Support Letter

13th Apr 2023

There was a group of about 10,000 people, not on a map, with no roads to where they were, and who had never heard the name of Jesus. Overland Missions sent a team and a pastor, to find a way to them to share about the love of God. That changed the lives of the entire African village and the pastor stayed behind to start helping them know God better.

I need you to pray for me, because I believe God’s hand moves with prayer. I’ve committed to get involved longterm, with Overland Missions, and that starts with their 3 month Advanced Missions Training (AMT) program. AMT is the first step to commit to working with Overland Missions. It equips people for extremely remote mission work, with EMT medical training, explaining the gospel completely and understanding how to work with different cultures.

Will you please commit to pray now, and while I’m in AMT, for God to provide three things:

1. Fruit - God is the one who bears the fruit, not me.

2. Safety - For obvious reasons

3. Finances (Now & Longterm) - If I get enough prayer support, finances will take care of themselves. If you feel God directing you to partner with me in this ministry, I will be very grateful.

I've stepped out in faith, committing to be there by May 10th without being fully funded. I am trusting that God will provide for this and in the longterm after completing AMT.

At the least, you will be supporting me to be more equipped for ministry in life, wherever that may be, but the plan is for a minimum commitment of 5 years in remote Africa when the AMT is finished. Would you invest your time praying or invest your money to send me, or both?

Please put a reminder on your calendar or a note on the fridge to pray for me regularly; and here is the link if you feel God directing you to give.


with the name Sean Smucker in the donation memo.

Or you can send a check to:

Overland Missions
11 riverside Dr. Suite 201
Cocoa, FL 32922

with a financial response slip so they know who you are donating to.