Camera Case Inserts

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Product Overview

I designed these sheepskin organizer inserts specifically to fit our Grandfather Photographer’s Case. They have a pigskin supported framing and lined with super soft and plush sheepskin. The moisture wicking sheepskin also helps insulate your electronics and protects battery life. 

The full-grain leather we use is super tough, but this pigskin is even tougher. As much as these inserts will be handled, I knew I had to make them out of a material that would stand the test of time. 

Thread- The thread used to hold the sheepskin organizer inserts together is way overkill. We used really thick polyester thread that is marine grade and UV resistant, so we’re sure it will last for years and years to come.

Photographers spend lots of their hard earned money on the equipment they use, so it’s necessary to protect it at all cost. The sheepskin inserts provide a means of not only organizing, but protecting the contents inside. It’s really soft and cushiony so it helps prevent everything from scratching and bouncing around.

Product Details

  • 100-Year Warranty
  • 12.5”W  x  3.5”H  x   6.75”D (Small)
  • 12.5”W  x  6.5”H  x  6.75”D (Large) 


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    Wow - the most luxurious camera case?

    I'm a pro photographer of 15 years and I've had/used a lot of different camera bags and cases, including some very expensive ones (e.g. Billingham). These wool inserts combined with the camera case are stunning, and a worthwhile investment considering how much I have spent on camera gear. It did take me a while to get used to this layout; opening the case with it hinged at the bottom and having an almost drawer-like arrangement inside. I had thought that I would prefer having it top-loaded, but then when you carry the case all the gear would be tipped sideways. With the "drawers" everything stays upright. Included in the shipment were two flexible and suede-covered dividers to help gear separate in each section of the inserts. They fit perfectly and work well. I might like them better if they were bigger/softer, but that's my only suggestion to improve. I'm using the inserts with two medium-format film cameras in the large insert and all the misc lens components in the smaller. I keep film in one pocket and tripod brackets and filters in the other pocket. Note if you overstuff the pockets the case closure gets snug once the inserts are in place. I always thought sheepskin was under-used in the leather bag world, I'm so glad these are available and I hope SBL will find a few more places to use it in their lineups. These inserts are super plush and protect my gear, and then slide out so I can, if I so choose, put the case to other uses. Fantastic.