Camera Case Inserts

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Product Overview

I designed these sheepskin organizer inserts specifically to fit our Grandfather Photographer’s Case. They have a pigskin supported framing and lined with super soft and plush sheepskin. The moisture wicking sheepskin also helps insulate your electronics and protects battery life. 

The full-grain leather we use is super tough, but this pigskin is even tougher. As much as these inserts will be handled, I knew I had to make them out of a material that would stand the test of time. 

Thread- The thread used to hold the sheepskin organizer inserts together is way overkill. We used really thick polyester thread that is marine grade and UV resistant, so we’re sure it will last for years and years to come.

Photographers spend lots of their hard earned money on the equipment they use, so it’s necessary to protect it at all cost. The sheepskin inserts provide a means of not only organizing, but protecting the contents inside. It’s really soft and cushiony so it helps prevent everything from scratching and bouncing around.

Product Details

  • 100-Year Warranty
  • 3.5”H  x  12.5”W  x   6.75”D (Small)
  • 6.5”H  x  12.5”W  x  6.75”D (Large) 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review