Graduation Gifts

Graduation Gift Ideas for 2020

Cool Graduation Gift Ideas for 2020

If I’m going to give a nephew $100 for his graduation, I get a blank white envelope and put $103.48 in it. When he asks why the odd amount, I tell him that I was going to give him a $100 bill in a greeting card to congratulate him, but I figured he would prefer the money that I was going to spend on a greeting card instead of the card. So I put the extra $3.48 in the envelope. I could just hand him the $100 bill and pocket the greeting card money, but I give him all of what I was going to spend instead. 

The money you normally would have spent during this graduation time, don’t pocket it. You were going to spend it anyways. Add it to the graduation gift you’re getting them to make it the greatest and most memorable graduation gift ever. Turn this worst graduation day of broken dreams into the happiest day of their short lives.


If you’re the parents:

$3.48 - Graduation Card

$25 - Cap and Gown 

$10 - Graduation Ceremony Parking

$125 - Dinner after Ceremony with family and friends


$163.48 - Total you didn’t have to spend that you can add to your graduation gift.

If you’re coming in from out of town:

$3.48 - Graduation Card

$500 - If the two of you were going to fly in to see them walk the stage

$100 - Car rental

$10 - Graduation Ceremony Parking

$200 - Hotel for your visit

$100 - Food at restaurants


$913.48 - Total you didn’t have to spend that you can add to your graduation gift.


Here are some gifts you can add that extra money on to buy

For Him

Large Leather Portfolio - $189
Imagine they walk into their first big boy or big girl interview with just this leather portfolio. They walk into the president’s office, open it up and pull out their resume and letters of reference. The president raises his spectacle to his right eye, twists his mustache and says, “Now that’s a quality portfolio. Where did you get it?” The job market is going to be brutal for a long time to come. Give them every advantage you can.


Big Mouth Tool Bag - $319
He’s no longer a boy, he’s a man and a man fixes his own problems. Every man needs his own tools. Especially if he’s moving out, he won’t have daddy’s anymore.


Big Mouth Leather Toiletry Bag - $189
This bag is actually one of the best tool bags we make to hold a small set of the essential tools everyone needs in life in an apartment or dorm room.


Front Pocket Leather Backpack - $589
Even though they can only travel to the grocery store and pharmacy right now, this will help them dream of great things to come. Help them see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Squared Leather Backpack "The Tank" - $579
This one is our most practical laptop backpacks for business travel because it holds the laptop, a portfolio and a few days worth of clothes too.


Thin Front Pocket Leather Backpack - $489
Not the healthiest choice because it won’t help them distance socially. In fact, it’ll draw people asking about it. But it’s a fun one for sure and will help them to learn networking.


Big Mouth Leather Duffle Bag - $449
Give them this talk, “When you were a child, you traveled with childish things. Now that you’re an adult, put away your childish things and travel as respected adults do.” 


Front Pocket Wallet - $49
Not their father’s wallet. This is our best selling younger generation wallet and a subconscious hint that they’ll need to fill their own wallet from here on out. Let them know you believe in them. 

For Her

Leather pouches - $99
Keep all or give one to three of your friends!


City Backpack - $269
This comfortable leather backpack is quality designed to live for decades and age beautifully.


Wanderers Backpack - $359
This backpack is not only beautiful but extremely functional.


Mini Backpack - $189
The EDC Leather backpack that looks great on everyone!


Envelope Laptop Case - $109
Carry your laptop in style with our Envelope Laptop Case


Laptop Crossbody Carrier - $209
This beautiful bag is perfect for the person that wants to carry their laptop in style!


Pencil Case - $59
EDC leather carry for all your pens, pencils and so much more!


Flap ID wallet - $49
The Flap ID Card Wallet is simple and simply great!



And if you still don't know what to get them,
you can always take the easy way out and
send a gift card.



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    Flap ID Card Wallet
  3. Wanderer's Leather Backpack
    Wanderer's Leather Backpack
  4. Laptop Crossbody Carrier
    Laptop Crossbody Carrier
  5. Leather Pouches-set of three
    Leather Pouches-set of three
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    Mini Leather Backpack
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