Corporate Gifts for Clients

What is the best corporate gift for clients? Anything made out of quality leather. Your current client is your best source of sales and it’s expensive to replace them if they start looking around or if a competitor offers them a better deal? Appreciating and deepening the loyalty of your current clients by gifting them something they’ll use and get complimented on everyday is the way you save and make money at the same time.

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Here are our top ten most popular corporate and personal gifts for clients:

1. Leather Pen Case

This full grain leather case holds a few nice pens and keeps them organized. There’s nothing better than corporate gifts for clients that they’ll use. Gifting this leather pen case to your client base adds another layer of corporate confidence and a sense of needed reciprocation.

2. Leather Business Card Holder

An example of notable leather corporate gifts for clients that keep on giving is a quality leather business card holder. This is one of those gifts they’ll not only carry with them everyday, but they’ll get asked about it too. This leather business card holder is one of our most popular corporate gifts for clients that we sell.

3. Leather Organizer Bag

This fun and adaptable leather bag has a million uses and is sure to turn your clients from hell into angels. We all have them, those clients who are not the easiest to deal with. This is the perfect opportunity to show them that their business is not only respected and appreciated, but worth going the extra mile for.

4. Leather Portfolio

Giving corporate gifts for clients just got a little easier. With three sizes to choose from, our leather portfolio is our number one medium sized corporate gift. A high-quality leather portfolio is usually a game changer since your most valuable clients will use it on a daily basis and think of you when they get complimented on it as it ages.

5. Hard Leather Valet Tray

Who doesn’t love a handy place to unload pockets when they come in to work or when they get home at the end of the day? This corporate gift for clients will never be regifted and will be in front of them everyday. We have two valet trays to from or you can get them both.

6. Leather Desk Pad

Imagine your Client’s generic desk. Now imagine how impressed they’ll be with you when you give them a quality leather desk pad to put on it? There’s nothing quite like a corporate gift for clients like a leather desk pad to keep you front and center on their mind. Happy clients and leather always seem to be in the same room.

7. Leather Mouse Pad

If you can give a gift to a client or potential client that gets desk time, you’re golden. And this leather mouse pad is sure to get there. It’s a great leather complement to your client’s leather desk pad. Small high-quality leather things are perfect corporate gifts for clients.

8. Leather Briefcase

There’s no better way to up the level of client satisfaction than by gifting them a quality leather briefcase that will last the rest of their career. Our leather laptop bag is one of those show stoppers for your most valuable clients. Because of the loyalty and desire to reciprocate, they won’t go looking for a better deal.

9. Leather Backpack

Your best corporate clients are friends and do business with the people you most want to be your clients too. So give them a quality leather laptop backpack and let them talk you up and make their friends wish they were your client too. If they travel frequently, a leather backpack is one of the best corporate gifts for clients that you can give.

10. Leather Duffle Bag

What do you give a prized client that seems to have everything? Give them something they’ll hold onto and hand down to their kids long after they retire. These leather duffle bags are exceptional leather corporate gifts for clients who travel.

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