“Turn headhunters into headscratchers when they wonder why they can never lure your employees away.”

Corporate Gifts for Employees

Honoring loyalty and longevity in the workplace is right and good and 30 years of fulfilling work in one place shouldn’t be just a dream. Studies show that the number one reason employees leave a company is that they don’t feel valued or appreciated. What better way for employers to SHOW their loyalty than by giving quality corporate gifts for employees that they’ll want to keep. Not extravagant one time gifts, but consistently giving thoughtful and useful gifts is a good way.

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Here are our top ten most popular corporate and personal gifts for employees:

1. Leather Pen Case

You don’t need to wait until Employee of the Month or Employee Appreciation Day to gift these cool, full grain leather pen cases. Each leather case carries about a half dozen pens. Gifting this leather pen case to your staff is just another layer of acknowledgment that you notice the small things they do.

2. Leather Business Card Holder

Skip the tired and generic plasticky corporate gifts this year and dazzle your employees with these thoughtful and useful leather business card holders instead. Go the extra mile by customizing them with individual monograms that add a personal touch and shows your appreciation for how hard they work.

3. Leather Organizer Bag

Leave a lasting impression with your employees by gifting full grain leather organizer bags this year. This all around, super versatile fun leather bag is the perfect to show your employees that their loyalty is not only appreciated and respected, but valued. How much does it cost to replace an employee if they leave?

4. Leather Portfolio

A well-executed design doesn't happen overnight. Employees will be thrilled no matter which of the three sizes of these exceptional leather portfolios are chosen for leather corporate gifts this year. These leather portfolios are a stylish solution for all your employees notes, paperwork and small electronics.

5. Hard Leather Valet Tray

Two different designs of leather valet tray await your corporate gift decision this year. Or save the wrenching of your hands and gift both. One for their desk and one for their entryway or nightstand? A consistent home for keys and pocket knives and general knick knacks. Imagine their smiles now.

6. Leather Desk Pad

There’s nothing quite like a corporate gift for employees than something that hits the senses. They’ll see, smell and feel it everyday and maybe even taste it when they privately kiss their leather desk pad each morning.

7. Leather Mouse Pad

A leather desk pad and a leather mouse pad are like peanut butter and chocolate. High-quality leather pieces are perfect corporate gifts for employees. The combination of these two impressive leather pieces is sure to please long after the holidays and celebrations pass.

8. Leather Briefcase

Whether a small business with 5, or a monster with 5,000, give a corporate gift for employees that recognizes and honors the hard work of the best. Our skilled employees make these leather briefcases and there is no greater honor than to share their leather craftsmanship with your distinguished staff.

9. Leather Backpack

The perfect corporate gift for employees who travel is a great leather laptop backpack. It’s something that they wouldn’t buy for themselves, but a gift they’ll keep and hand down to their kids when they retire from your business. What’s wrong with creating a little goodwill for years and years to come?.

10. Beast Leather Duffle Bag

An awe inspiring corporate gift for employees is definitely our leather duffle bags. It’s one of those high-quality leather corporate gifts for the highly valued employees you really don’t want to lose. And the perfect note to place inside is, “Go take some time away with your family. We value you and want you to be rested for the long haul”.

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