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Quality and Craftsmanship

Advice to Pirates Knocking Off Our Leather Briefcases

How It’s Made: Our iPhone X Leather Case

Canvas Laptop Bag Quality Education

Our 'Sweatshop' Factory

Worst Leather Travel Bag in the World

Grossness: How to Tan High Quality Leather

What Goes Into Our Laptop Bag Design

How to Knock Off a Cow

Crocodile Attack Leather Briefcase Durability Test


Saddleback Stories: Fobzilla

Saddleback Stories: Buy the Best, Cry Once

Saddleback Stories: Strings Attached

A Little About Us

We’re a People Company with a Thing for Leather

Find Your Sunbeam - The Saddleback Leather Story

Work/Death Balance with Dave’s Leather Coffin

Saddleback’s American Safari Home

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