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Product Overview

The belt is made of full grain leather, which makes it strong and resistant.

The above video is from 2014. The current men's Leather Tow Belt only comes in one width, and we upgraded the buckle to 316 Stainless Steel instead of nickel-plated brass. Please look at our simple logical sizing chart below. Until about November, we said, "Buy two sizes bigger than the waist size you generally wear. But we started using a logical sizing chart below instead. This is how you get the right size belt for the best fit. This is a real leather belt and not just any leather. This belt is three layers of full-grain leather for the best leather belts.

Materials Used to Make This Leather Belt Include Full Grain Leather

We only use Full Grain Leather and don't buy any belt that isn't. Here's why. A hide of leather is like a roof. The top part has the shingles, which are the toughest and most resistant part of the roof. Likewise, leather has grain as the top layer, and it's really strong and resistant too.

Some companies shave off the top layer of the leather (grain) to get rid of the scars so they can use the entire hide and not cut around the scars. But that's like someone shaving the shingles off the roof, so it looks better. So stupid. If they shave some off, but there's a little left, then that's called Top Grain. Genuine or Split Leather is technically what it's called when there is no grain left. Those companies that make cheap genuine leather belts are just looking for an easy way to get you money. Those are the types of leather belts that will not last. We make belts to last at least 100 years.

This belt is designed to be sturdy and durable, with nine holes that are three-quarters of an inch apart, starting two inches from the tip.

316 Stainless Steel Hardware for a Serious Buckle

We changed our buckle from nickel plated brass to 316 Stainless Steel. The brass was good enough, but our new hardware is way better. Some say it's like killing a fly with a shotgun, but it makes me feel good inside knowing that I'm wearing such strong hardware on this man's leather belt. Our clips were tested and rated to hold up to 750 lbs., and this buckle is thicker than our clips. So I'm thinking about 1000 lbs. I am sure you have had enough belt buckles break to see the value in this.

Serious Threading in our Leather Belt

To sew all of these great materials together with a cheap thread would be like using a cardboard hatch on a really nice submarine. So, I chose the strongest and longest lasting thread I could find and then bought the thick version of it. It is a marine-grade polyester thread, the kind they use to sew parachutes and sails for ships. So, if your life depends on it, they use this thread. Nylon is a trash material but much cheaper, and leather belts fall apart in a short time with use and UV light because of it.

Imagine that, wearing your belt in the sunlight for too long, and your belt falls apart. They should at least tell you when you buy such a cheap belt that it is only made to be worn loosely for a fashionable statement, and never in the sunlight. It sounds like a belt you might get for your sister, but this belt isn't just for style. This leather belt is for daily wear to keep your pants around your waist, even if you are packing a heavy holster.

This full grain leather belt is designed with three layers and is not likely to stretch.

Design of these Leather Belts

I designed this leather belt with 9 holes that are 3/4" apart so this thick leather belt fits comfortably and just right before and after meals. Most leather belts only have 5 holes that are 1" apart. I designed it with the holes starting 2" from the tip instead of starting 4 inches from the tip like most leather belts. You never know when those holes closer to the tip will be needed for tying down something on the roof rack of your rig.

I don't know why more belt makers don't design their belts this way. Oh yes, it is because they care about profit more than their customer. They would rather you need to purchase a new one every year. We design our belts to be sturdy and durable, a quality that should be in all leather belts. We wanted to do better than good leather belts, so we make a great belt, in fact, the Best Leather Belts.

Full Grain Leather Belts With Three Layers

This leather belt was not just made with one layer of full grain leather, but with three. Even quality companies just use two layers of quality leather and then put a layer of some filler in between to get the edges raised. I designed this belt with a layer of full grain in the middle too. Even though you can't see it, you have a nice feeling that this thick leather belt is quality through and through. This doesn't matter to most people, but it matters to me, and I stand behind it.

The best leather belt is a Saddleback Leather Tow Belt because it is made of full grain leather, has three layers of leather, and is marine grade polyester thread.

Some Leather Belts Stretch, Try to Stretch This One

With three layers of full grain leather and marine grade polyester thread, this belt is not going to give much stretch. But if you are one of those guys (or gals) who put their belt on the tightest hole every time, thinking it will make your pants fit better or hold them up higher, then maybe you might get a little, but I doubt it. With a belt that can pull a train, it doesn't seem likely. Shop around, search and see, you won't find a belt that can match the strength of this life long lasting belt.

Our Leather Belts Do More Than Hold Your Pants Around Your Waist

Now a belt that can hold your pants around your waist will do the job. But a cheap belt will do that for at least a couple of months. It is when you wear that belt long enough that you realize it is falling apart or it will last forever. The quality craftsmanship in the Leather Tow Belt makes you realize fast that you invested in quality. This belt is durable enough to tie a big buck down on the luggage rack of your rig. They are seriously sturdy, and can still look great worn as casual belts.

Full Grain Leather Belt for Men

These are leather belts for men, it's beyond style. There are several things people will think when they see you wear this belt, style is one, and before that, this is a serious man. A man's man, they assume you must have the happiest wife, amongst other things. And all bratty kids around you will act like angels. So get rid of that cheap girly reversible belt you bought at the store, make an investment in yourself, and purchase a belt of quality material. Leather goods will never look so good around your body.

Why Wear a Leather Tow Belt

I could just leave it at "because you are a man" but let me get a little more technical and pitchy. Our Leather Tow Belt will last you a lifetime, it will age beautifully, and it becomes more comfortable the longer you wear it. It can also support things such as your sidearm with ease, along with an ax. It is not a cheap genuine leather belt.

It's funny they call it a genuine leather belt, making it sound like a good leather belt, but that is all they are allowed to say about the cheap leather they use. Remember, a genuine leather belt is made of cheap stuff, the good full grain was removed for profits. We don't touch genuine leather, only full grain leather for the best quality.

The Best Leather Belt

If you were to take a poll and ask people what the best leather belt is, chances are good they would say a Saddleback Leather Tow Belt. And if you were to ask those people why it is the best leather belt, they would say any of the following things.

It is the best leather belt because it is:

  • - Made of full grain leather

  • - Has three layers of leather

  • - Is marine grade polyester thread

  • - Is durable and sturdy

  • - Looks great and ages beautifully

  • - Is comfortable to wear

  • - Supports things such as your sidearm with ease


So if you are looking for the best leather belt, look no further than a Saddleback Leather Tow Belt. It is the perfect belt for any real man.


Width: 1.50"

Thickness: 5.50mm to 6mm

A Saddleback Leather Tow Belt is the perfect belt for any real man.

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