Dave's Deals Slim Leather Passport Wallet - Black

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Product Overview

Dave's Deals are items that have arrived from the factory that are fully functional, but with cosmetics defects. Some people call them factory seconds. They are still good items that come with our warranty, we're just knocking down the price because they don't pass Dave's inspection standards. Some Dave's Deals may be stamped with the letter S.


This is a wonderful way to keep your passports together, along with some cards and cash. The slim leather passport wallet can securely hold two passports, credit cards, boarding passes, vaccine cards, cash, receipts, and other travel documents. This is the best gift for the world traveler or anyone who wants to keep documents organized and together.

It is even great for a family traveling together and wanting to keep all of their important documents together. But don't be caught in a foreign country and trusting little Johnny to keep up with his documents.

Materials in the Full Grain Leather Passport Wallet

When you trust something as important as a passport holder, you do not want the maker to go cheap. You can go to the mall all day and get a cheap personalized passport cover, but it is just that, cheap passport covers. We design this to keep your belongings safe in other countries. With a passport pocket, internal card slots, and RFID blocking technology, you can get to your hotel safe and sound with your travel documents and cash. We do this with everything we make, so it makes sense that we would make something so important.


This leather passport wallet was constructed with full-grain leather. All leather has grain, tough fibers, and pores in the top part of the hide. Most companies pay less for the leather that has had a lot of the grain shaved off to get rid of scars and blemishes of the leather, but in doing so, they shave off the grain, which is the toughest part of the hide and what makes a leather passport wallet so durable, get a nice patina and be super water-resistant. It's like the shaved off the shingles from your roof. When they remove some of the grain, it's called top grain leather. When they remove ALL of the grain, it's called genuine leather. And they do it to save leather while taking away the strength of the wallet and durability of the leather. Leather is expensive, and they don't want to waste any of it because of a scar or bug bite. It's why this full grain leather passport wallet is more expensive than some cheap passport case.

The Lining of our Passport Wallet-

We line this leather passport wallet with pigskin, which is tougher than the cow leather. It's why we feel comfortable offering a 100-year Warranty.

Thread for a strong passport wallet-

We sewed it with our really strong German marine-grade polyester thread. It's the only thread they sew parachutes and ship sails with. So if your life depends on it, use Polyester thread.

Passport Wallet with RFID Blocker-

And for extra security, we put a thin layer of RFID (Radio Frequency ID) blocking material between the pigs and the cow. This is to stop low life scumbag thieves from scanning your leather passport wallet in a crowd and stealing your identification from the cards in your passport wallet. The RFID chip on the front of the passport itself is harder to scan because it's a different frequency. So keep your data safe with this RFID blocking technology; these are travel essentials.

Dimensions (W x H)
5.25" x 4.50"
Weight: 0.30 lbs


(No reviews yet) Write a Review