2020 has been quite a ride hasn’t it? 

One benefit to all of the crazy going on is that we get to stop and think about what is important to us. That being said, I have been doing a lot of thinking.

That is why we got into PPE in the first place. I wanted to help. 

Recently I have been thinking more about leather, and what the future of Saddleback looks like. We have several new products heading your way this year, and I cannot wait to get them out to you. But as we look at the rest of the year, I feel like it is time to cull the herd a little bit. As you know I love all of our products and I hate to see any of the good ones go, but we feel like the time is right.

This is for a few reasons.

First off, I know that money is tight for a great many of you out there and once again we would love to help

Second, with PPE filling our warehouse, we need to make some more room. 

Third, we need to make room for the new products coming out this year.

So starting this week we are discontinuing the products below.

So get them before they go out to pasture.

In addition we are discontinuing the BLACK LEATHER ONLY on the following products:

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