Blog: says Saddleback Leather ID Wallet Still “Sets the Standard” says Saddleback Leather ID Wallet Still "Sets the Standard"

By Jana Mendoza

There are a lot of choices out there in leather wallets for men.  How do you know if you're going to pick out the right small mens wallet for you? Recently our Saddleback Leather ID Wallet was put under the microscope to see if Dave's classic minimalist design holds up against new designs in the minimalist wallet market. The good people at did the analysis and the verdict is in. says "Should You Still Carry It Today? Absolutely. It's still a wallet that sets the standard of efficient design, and it doesn't get more efficient than a thick piece of leather cut to the perfect functional size. No more, no less. Its use of quality materials guarantees its longevity, and a wallet that's aged gracefully with patina is unmatched for adding character to any carry."

EDC collection photo from post on Saddleback ID Wallet

"You can't go wrong with the Saddleback ID wallet. It's got a classic design with quality enough to last a lifetime, and they sure don't make them like they used to." -

There are a ton of choices in leather wallets, but if you are looking for that perfect small leather wallet with a 100 year warranty, look no further.  To read the rest of the post from click here.  If you're not a minimalist and need some more card space, check out the Medium Bifold Wallet or some of our other wallets.

Photo Courtesy of Saddleback Customer @tacticaljoe
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