Gift Guide Under $99

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Gift Guide Under $99

Finally a gift they’ll keep:

Bear Trap Leather Pen Case 

Just plain fun to open and snap closed. The Leather Pen Case holds up to 6 pens.

Bear Trap Leather Coin Pouch

Weirdly satisfying to open and close.. The Leather Coin Pouch holds a lot of coins

Narrow Leather Luggage Tag

This leather luggage tag is made for leather duffle bags up to large luggage.

Leather Cord and Cable Wraps

Designed to keep your cords wrapped and organized.

Leather Moleskine Cover

This leather journal cover is particularly designed for the Moleskine.

Leather Document Holder

This leather document holder is more than enough to make a statement.

Leather Organizer Bag

A super versatile leather bag to be used to organize any bag or as an essentials first aid kit.

Cash and Receipt Bag

This is not just another cool looking leather cash bag. Also for pens, passports, reading glasses, coins and as a leather iPhone case.

Leather Copper Pen

Just a nicely designed simple copper pen with a patented way of covering the tip of the pen.

Leather Sunglass Case

It’s just a heavy duty leather sunglass case to protect your glasses.

Leather Luggage Tag

For if you don’t have one of our obvious leather suitcases, distinguish with the leather luggage tag.

Simple Leather Coin Purse

This leather coin purse can also be used for dentures.

Firestarter Kit

This firestarter kit is perhaps our best kept secret. For the just in case kind of man.

Pocket Leather Coin Purse

This leather coin purse is just a cool design. Earbuds work in there too.

Leather Valet Trays
$59 to $89

Three different leather valet trays for on the desk or nightstand.

Leather Coaster Set
$59 to $69

Leather coasters you’ll be proud to show off.

Leather Guitar Strap

This leather guitar strap has a spare pick holder and holes to fit any guitar.

Saddleback Coffee Mug

Good luck getting one of these. They always sell out within a few minutes of being in stock.

Saddleback Leather Bicycle Playing Cards

Our own nice playing cards by Bicycle.

Man Soap Saddleback Leather Edition

These 4 big coarse man soap bars are made with leather and last forever.

Leather Constitution of the United States of America

They’ll salute when they pull this out.

Bible Booklet of Matthew

This Passport sized Book of Matthew shows Jesus as King.

Bible Booklet of John

The Book of John describes Jesus as God.

Bible Booklet of Proverbs

The greatest book of wisdom ever written.

Leather Mouse Pad
$49 to $99

Large and Small, the last mouse pad they’ll ever own.

Front Pocket Wallets
$39 to $49

A front pocket wallet will change their life.

Back Pocket Wallets
$59 to $99

Wallets built to be flat when sat.

Leather Business Card Holders
$19 to $29

Every business person needs a leather business card holder.