Handle Clutch Purse

0.50 LBS

Product Overview

High-Quality Materials
For any leather clutch purse to last, it has to be made of full grain leather. The top layer of a hide is called the grain and it is made up of the tightest woven fibers of the hide. Water and stains can't get in very easily nor can the moisture get out very easily too. That's why it stays strong for so long. When the tannery gets a hide, it's thick. So they divide it into two hides and sell them. They sell the long lasting top one with all of the grain on to quality companies like us and the low quality bottom ones (genuine or split leather), that doesn't have any grain at all, to low quality companies. We both make leather clutch purses that look the same, but one will last for generations and one goes into the trash after a few years. 

This clutch purse is small, but it is extremely functional; small, but sophisticated. It gives you a pop of color for any outfit. Wear it with dress up clothes or casual, this clutch goes with it all. It has a handle leather clutch for easy carrying and a detachable strap to carry as a wristlet. This leather clutch purse is one of our most popular bags.

Product Details
41-Year Warranty

Dimensions (W x H x D)
8" x 5.50"
Back Slit Pocket: 8" x 4"
Back Leather Handle: 1.50" (W)
Detachable Leather Wristlet: 13" End to End
No Internal Pockets
Weight: Less than 1 lb

The story behind this leather clutch purse
As women, we sometimes can be intimidated by bright colors, but with this smaller clutch purse at this price point; adding a pop of color feels pretty safe and fun!  I designed this leather clutch to add a pop of color to your look or to add a bit of color to your already neutral bag or leather tote.  I also wanted to design a daily go to accessory that would not only take you from day to night, but could go anywhere.

I love that there are no outward seams on this clutch making it very soft without any rough edges. I also really like the fact that the wristlet strap is removable and can make the leather clutch purse more dressed up!

How do I wear it? I have to admit, when I designed this clutch, I didn't think I would use it a lot, but I've been surprised; this is my current go to bag! I use this every single day as my wallet. It allows me to move all my small things at once into a larger bag such as the Simple Leather Tote without something getting lost.  I also use it on its own when I'm running into the store quickly or going on a date.  I can fit cash, receipts, change, credit cards, keys (I like to clip them to the wristlet on the outside) lip gloss, chapstick and my iPhone with a case on in the back slit pocket.  I get compliments on this leather clutch purse all the time. It's fun because of the color, but very functional! It can be used as an organization bag when you travel and then when you have a night you need a little clutch you already have one packed and ready to go.

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