Why you need to buy one of our bags


The Question Test

Please answer these questions honestly and remember that your first response is probably the most accurate one.

  • Are you highly respected?

  • Are you confident enough?

  • Do you belong to a healthy community?

  • Do you have enough good strong friendships?

  • Do you usually save money by buying things that last?

  • Would your current bag ever make a stranger think that maybe you’re a spy or lead an interesting life?

  • If your current bag were empty and a robber tried to take it, would you fight him tooth and nail for it?

  • Have you ever placed your bag so that people could see it?

  • Is there zero chance that any of the estimated 46 Million slaves in the world (18 Million of whom are in India and 3.5 Million are in China) made your current bag?

  • When you’re dead and gone and all you had has been sold and spent, will there be anything left that they’ll remember you by?

If you answer no to any of these questions, then we can help. Seriously. Say yes, go get a bag and before long, you’ll be answering yes to most or all of these questions. We want you to join us.

Peer Pressure and Hard Selling from Dave

You’ll be more popular

Respect is what comes when people see that you know what you’re doing or perform at a high level. I know this because disrespected people always carry crappy average briefcases. Respected people carry quality briefcases and luggage. Deep and true respect come by your actions, your words and surrounding yourself with long lasting quality things. Not opulence, but just pure quality.

Everybody’s doing it

There’s a reason that thousands of people have way more Saddleback Leather backpacks, briefcases and duffle bags than they need. Who needs more than one wallet? But they’ve got one of each. And there’s a reason we constantly hear that our leather is addictive. There are hundreds of people whose bedrooms look like our showroom. Of course, it’s not wrong to collect things if they bring you joy. Collecting our leather backpacks and briefcases is cheaper than collecting cars and a healthier addiction than drugs.  

Just try a little bit

Just get a wallet or something small to test drive and then give it away If you don’t like it. You can’t go wrong. Giving random gifts throughout the year goes a long long ways towards “Favorite Uncle” or “Favorite Coworker” or better yet, “Favorite Employee” of the year status. They’ll never forget that wallet and who gave it to them. And reciprocity usually comes back on you 10x greater. We have a 30 day return policy, no questions asked. If you don’t like it, send it back.

You’ll have more friends

You’re going to meet a whole lot of people you wouldn’t have met otherwise for three reasons.

  1. We hear bag owners say all the time that strangers always stop them to ask them about their briefcase.

  2. It’s an ice breaker and conversation starter.

  3. You’re joining a tight knit and passionate community of bag owners around the world who love quality and authenticity. Have you been to one of the Saddleback Leather Fan Groups where thousands of your people trade their duffle bags and backpacks and share pics of their briefcases?

What’s wrong? You chicken? Bock bock boooooock!!! (Thumbs in armpits flapping my wings at you)

Don’t be scared. Nobody ever regretted buying a quality thing, but if you don’t, you’ll always regret not getting it. Bag owners tell us all the time that they over thought buying one for too long and when they finally bit the bullet and got their briefcase or backpack, they kicked themselves for not getting it sooner. Just do it. Just don’t go into debt for it.

I’ll invite you to my birthday party

Everybody’s going to want you to go to their birthday party. “And can you bring that cool leather backpack with?” Heck, maybe I’ll invite you to mine one of these days... if you’re an owner.

It’ll help you be more successful

Your personal brand is the feeling people get when they think of you or are around you. One of the ways to shape what they feel or think about you is to purposefully carry things or associate with brands that share with others what you are about or value. If they are innovative, quality or enduring things, then that’s what they’ll feel about you too.

Everyone has a brand. What’s yours? If they like your personal brand, they’ll buy from you, pick you, promote you, do business with you and rule in your favor way more often.

It’ll give you confidence

I used to drive an old FJ55 Toyota Land Cruiser and it was always the coolest looking manliest rig in any parking lot. When I would go out to play pool, if I drove that Land Cruiser AND wore a of pair of tough black square tipped boots, I played better and ran the table more often. It was all in my head, but it worked. What we wear, dress, drive and carry all contribute towards how we carry ourselves and the confidence we emanate. Carry a nice leather briefcase and it will change your performance.  

It’s Good for the Environment

Buying quality is good for the environment. If everybody bought quality shoes, wallets, toasters, backpacks, garden hoses, briefcases and floor fans that lasted twice as long, there would be half as many of those things in landfills. If people used half as much plastic or bought half as many synthetic bags, half as much oil would be used up for the manufacture them. Buying quality is a way you can do your part.

It’s Preserving the Arts

Throughout history, a mother would weave on the loom in her kitchen and teach her daughter the art as she went and they would sell their wares in the marketplace. Then her daughter would teach her daughter and so on down through the generations.

But the demand for her art has gone. The super looms of India can weave 1000 times perfectly in an hour what she can weave in a week. And for cheaper. So the daughter of today’s weaver goes to work at a hotel or internet cafe because the demand is gone for the art. And so goes the art of the potter and the coppersmith and the shoemaker and the leather craftsman. If you say you value handmade craftsmanship and the imperfect signs from an imperfect person, then support it.

You’re Just the First Owner

You’re just the first owner of this briefcase. Do a favor to someone who probably isn’t even a sparkle in your son’s eye yet. Break it in for the next guy and pass it along.

Lifetime Cost of Ownership

Buy the best, cry once. If your briefcase costs $500 and it lasts for 100 years, then it cost you $5/yr. or $.41/mo. If your briefcase costs $240 and it lasts for 4 years before the handle breaks as you’re walking into an important business meeting and your coffee spills all over your boss’s wife, then the briefcase costs you $60/yr.  This is one of the cheapest briefcases you can buy.

Understated Quality is Key. Flashy is Bad

This goes for all industries, but especially lawyers. They tell me that they don’t want the jury to see them pull up in a $165,000 Porsche wearing a Rolex, carrying a Louis Vuitton briefcase. They want to be seen in a quality Toyota Land Cruiser, wearing a good looking suit and carrying a solid respectable and relatable everyday man’s leather briefcase. It helps them be more relatable and win cases and contracts, without saying a word.

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