Leather Sunglass Case

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Our rugged leather sunglass case is suede lined to keep your shades protected from dings and scratches and fits glasses up to 6 inches in length just in case you have a huge head. It’s also great for organizing small stuff like makeup, a little tool kit or your go to EDC gear.

Leather Sunglass Case

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Built with the toughest leather we could find and lined with pigskin for even more strength. Sewn with premium, marine-grade thread (the kind used on ship sails)

Body of the case is built with only two pieces of leather for a simple, strong design

Lined with the soft suede side of the pigskin

Tab closure secured by a thick piece of natural suela leather that will patina beautifully with time and use

Will fit most sunglasses (up to 6"" long)

Can also be used to organize makeup, pens, EDC, a small tool set, etc


Exterior: 3"" H x 6.75"" W x 2.75"" D
Interior: 2"" H x 6"" W x 2"" D
.35 Pounds
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