How a Saddleback Leather Graduation Gift Opened Doors


By Susan Gottleber

It’s that time of the year where we shop for loved ones that are graduating from High School and College.  A leather bag or accessory is a perfect gift at these milestones.  Not only will it be a quality piece for your child or loved one to have with them the rest of their life, but it also opens doors that you wouldn’t normally think a bag will open.

Recently, we sat down with Jared, a Software Engineering Major.  He has a chestnut Saddleback Leather Simple Backpack in Medium that his mother gave him for high school graduation.   We got the chance to ask him a few questions about his bag and the experiences he’s had with it at school.

SLC: What’s your favorite thing about having a Saddleback Leather piece?  

Jared:  It looks good and I don’t have to worry about replacing my daily carry during college.

SLC: Has having the bag opened doors for you?  If so, how?  

Jared: It definitely has.  Faculty members have commented on how they like the bag and asked me where I got it.  I’ve had a couple of difficult profs, and it opened a door for communication that probably wouldn’t have happened otherwise.  Quite often, students comment on it and ask where I got it.  My mom thinks my bag will be a “love connection” and bring some amazing girl into my world, lol.

SLC: Does knowing you’re carrying a quality bag improve your confidence?  

Jared: Not in myself, but it gives me great confidence knowing I won’t have to replace a falling apart, cheap backpack.  
SLC: Would you recommend a Saddleback Leather bag to a friend?  

Jared: Yes.  It’s versatile, sturdy, cool looking, has longevity, and I can use it as a carry-on.

SLC:  What if someone can’t afford a bag, what product would you suggest?

Jared:  Definitely the Passport Wallet for traveling, and I’ve been using the Medium Bifold daily for a few years.  I also use the Small Moleskine Notebook cover with a notebook for jotting down random ideas.

SLC: Are there any new items that you have your eye on?

Jared: I really think the Trifold Wrap Wallet and the Front Pocket Bifold are pretty nice.  If I wanted to pare down from my bi-fold I think I’d pick up the Front Pocket one.

SLC: Any final thoughts?  

Jared: I’ve done a lot of traveling as well as everyday life with my backpack.  I see it and think of all the cool memories it shares with me.  It’s something that I’ll use for a long time.

Thanks for sharing Jared!  I've always loved the idea of having something that you'll use throughout your life and be able to hand down to your children. Graduation gifts are the perfect time to give your loved one with an item that creates a lasting memory and creates a legacy to be passed on.  What are your favorite graduation gifts that you've received or given?