Key Chain Wristlet Bracelet

0.45 LBS

Product Overview

Great way to keep track of your keys while running errands, at the gym, or at work. Braided Full-Grain Leather, with a "D" ring to attach your keys to. We used nickel hardware and the leather will patina over time and use.

Length: 8.50" (Top to Bottom)
Width of Leather: 0.08"
Weight: 0.045 lbs

I'm pretty sure this is something I inherited (my sister is the same way), but I always struggle to find my keys. No matter how hard I try I just can't seem to keep track of them. So, this Love 41 Keychain Wristlet was designed from a personally practical standpoint as much as an aesthetic one. This wristlet provides an easy yet functional way to keep track of my keys and I've been using it DAILY! I love the unique interlocking and comfortable design and I especially like the fact that since I've been using it I don't lose my keys! Total win-win!

As always, the purchase of this accessory helps love others in need through education, food, shelter & job training.