Latest News : 2 New Carry Ons, Fly Fishing Gear and iPad Pro

Carry this On

I finally finished two carry ons. The Hardsided Carry On is beautiful. The Softsided is a piece of art. Both designed to last a long long time. Since they take FOREVER to build, don’t expect them to be in stock very often. Watch the Softsided video on how it’s made. Soaking in water overnight, 10 hours of hand stitching etc. We call it the Worst Suitcase in the World for a number of reasons. See why.

iPad Pro

Got the iPad Pro on a Saturday and made adjustments to the case on my tailgate (watch video here), flew to Mexico the next Tuesday and got the perfect iPad Pro Case and Sleeve knocked out. This is my all time favorite design for iPad things. Keyboard works perfectly with it, all around coolness.

Backcast Outfitters Fly Fishing

My good friend, Eric Rice, is an avid fly-fisherman. He not only fly-fishes constantly up in Oregon and Washington, but he teaches it, too. Well, a few years back, Eric complained that there were either boring Neoprene junk or super expensive leather pieces made by a fisherman in his basement. He asked if we could make him some high quality gear if he designed it exactly for fly fishermen. I said yes.

So, at our factory, we made a number of his great designs. Well, he sold them just fine, but then also took a great job at a non-profit and has not had the time to do his line, Backcast Outfitters, justice. We talked and since they are nothing but quality, we decided to get his dream out there. Here you go. This is the continuation of the Backcast Outfitters line.

Carrying Firewood in Leather

I love fire and I love hot. So, since we’re on the subject of hot, my wife Suzette designed a log carrier. I usually burn a few cords of wood each winter, but with logs that barely fit into the fireplace much less this carrier.

Sadly, I don’t have a fireplace now that we moved into the tents (photos to come). Tents and fire don’t mix, but I will have a fire pit outside very soon. Anyways, Suzette whipped this one up. Check it out:

Leather Bow

Sometimes we just make fun things for… well... the fun of it. Here’s one that Suzette came up with again. You pull the center leather strip and voila, a leather bow appears to wrap around someone’s present, a present on top of a present. It’s just a fun one. Check it out.

Bundles of Presents

This year we’ve come up with a really nice way to shop for Christmas gifts. I’m doing these bundle sets and grouping them by price. Makes picking out quality gifts simple while saving money by buying them together. They look like this:

New Videos of the Designs

I just did a load of videos simply describing each of the designs we’ve put out over the last couple of years and one video of all of them. Here is my favorite but go look through the site and watch them all.

Wallet Trade-In Gift Exchange

Check out our social channels to hear about a fun wallet exchange program/contest I’ll be doing right after Christmas. For a limited time, and while wallets last, I’ll you send you one of my Saddleback wallets if you send in your crappy leather one. Details to come. I’ll announce it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

The Not Dead Yet Show

Episode 20, Romantic Engagement of Dave’s Brother - My kid brother Jonathan steals the spotlight on this week’s episode when he romantically pops the question. So many candles! Meanwhile, Cross and Sela do some awesome detective work and find out how rats are getting into our tents.

And don’t miss Episode 19 either, where I take Suzette on a very special, long overdue layaway lunch.

Remember, the last day to ship and get your Saddleback Leather by Christmas is December 20th, and that’s only if you overnight it!

Merry Christmas,

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