2018 Winter Photo Contest Winners

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by Michael W (Thin Front Pocket Backpack)

Nestled deep in the valley of the Jungfrau region of Switzerland, situated between massive glaciers and mountain peaks sits Lauterbrunnen. Known for its 72 thundering waterfalls, secluded valleys and colorful alpine meadows, this was surely to be the highlight of our 3-year endeavor here in Europe. These sights opened my mind and allowed me to be thankful for the life I was given and truly appreciate the pure beauty of the world around me.

by Kyle J (Indiana Leather Satchel)

Up above a waterfall and a gorge in Iceland. Long hike, but a trusty companion- my Saddleback Satchel

by Krystal L (Doctor's Leather Duffle Bag)

One day he'll carry his dad's bag. For now, it carries him.

by Joshua Y (Small Leather Portfolio)

Lanie is writing her wish list to Santa. Hoping for a new tennis ball this year!

by Georgina F (Waterbag Leather Duffle Bag)

How big is the Waterbag leather duffel bag? Big enough to fit your 6 year-old...

by Dennis J (Front Pocket Leather Backpack)

Hiking through some vineyards outside of Geneva, I came across a farmer cleaning out some older vines and putting them in a burn pile. Looked like a nice place for the bag to rest a bit.

by Ali P (Simple Leather Backpack & Hobo Crossbody Purse)

Feeling adventurous with my Simple Leather Backpack packed while exploring Cappadocia, Turkey in this 1980s Land Rover Defender! Let’s go!

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