Latest News : 7 New Designs Launched

12 Second Newsletter: 7 New Designs Launched

New and live on the site are the following: Pistol Wraps, Mini Hobo Purse, Four Stitch Belt, 5 lb bags of leather scrap, iPad Mini Retina Case, Bucket Backpack and perhaps the world's coolest all natural Christmas Stocking.

We’re still in Africa with our second Saddleback Leather team of employees and their families, but we’ll be back soon. 45 days is plenty for a family of four to be kind of living out of suitcases. But before we left, we were sure to have these new designs ready to roll. It’s time to release them into the wild. Here are some of them. Seven new ones. First come first serve. Here you go.

$209 - $239

So, I was going through customs with a prototype of this pistol case and the officer behind the counter said that he had been a firearms instructor for many years and thought he had seen it all, until he saw this. He went on and on about it. Then I showed it to a former gun dealer and he also went on and on about how amazing it was. He called it a bedside holster because it can attach to the bedframe if you’re not using it for storage. Another friend said that it’s perfect for attaching in the car or to a desk. All I know is that it’s really nice and there’s nothing else like it on the market.

Sheepskin is amazing. It wicks moisture away from whatever lays on it and also allows air to flow through its fibers to take any moisture away. That’s why sheepskin is used to keep bedridden patients from getting bedsores when laying on it. I designed the wrap to be closed and protective while being open enough to let fresh air flow in and out. And if it ever gets dirty, you can open up the wrap, quickly remove the sheepskin and wash it. Why not lay your gun in a bed of sheepskin? Sheepskin is not easy to come by so don’t be surprised if we run out of these quickly for the first few months. Check out details here.


I’m not saying it’s the best looking Christmas stocking in the world, but I’ve never seen one better. Suzette designed a doozie here. Sure to cause family fights when you’re dead. Little known fact: Did you know that the scent molecules emitted by Christmas trees (especially of the fir variety) mixed with the scent of full grain leather can create a chemical reaction called “The frisky effect” in spouses? Isn’t chemistry fascinating? And sewn with fancy whipstitching worthy of Mrs. Claus herself, it’s extra deep for big Christmas morning hauls. See in Store.


Ever wanted a bag of leather scrap? Well, lucky you - you can now buy leather cuttings straight from our cutting room floor. This mixed scrap kit contains the same high quality full grain leather we make all our bags from, perfect for art projects, watch straps or for just looking at. Leather potpourri to make your home smell nice? Not sure if it works, but you can try. See in Store.


Weighing only 3.4 pounds, this is our simplest and lightest backpack, but still really tough. Suzette was testing it out on our trip coming back from Mexico with it and the first person she sat next to immediately said, “Hey, that’s a really nice backpack.” And the lady hadn’t even seen the interior phone and tablet pockets yet. See more details.


We heard all of the excitement about the original Hobo Purse and we also got the constant comment that everybody wanted a smaller one too. They read Suzette’s mind and that’s why you’re seeing the Mini Hobo now. It doesn’t blend in, ages nicely and it’s still simple Saddleback. Check it out.


Four rows of stitching is more than just over engineering, it makes it look good too. I designed it to be flat and made from just two pieces of smooth thick leather strong enough to support holsters and sheaths. Not wearing it might just be irresponsible. See in Store.


The iPad case for your Mini Retina still has the hand strap, but did you know that it also doubles as an external battery holder for charging it when it dies (I learned that one on the plane coming back from Mexico the other day). You’re going to like this one. Take a look.

You can expect some more goodies coming in the beginning of September. We’ll let them out on our Facebook page first and then here.


And finally, we’re moving some designs out to pasture. They’ve had a good long run, but it’s time for them to meet the big leather warehouse in the sky. We’re discontinuing the following products in the Carbon color (other colors will remain available): the large Waterbag, the large Simple Backpack, the large Gadget Bag, the large Utility Duffel, the Wide Women’s Belt (both sizes), and the iPhone 4 Case. Get ‘em while you still can.

Thank you for giving us your attention, it is much appreciated.

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