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Price Increase, Discontinued, Made in USA, Not Dead Yet Show

We should have sent out a newsletter sooner, but I didn’t want to bother you while you were out and about enjoying the summer. So, we saved up the news for now. Here you go.

Designs, Coming and Going

Well, I just can’t stop designing things and here are a few of the new ones that have come out lately. Come check them out. My personal favorite is the 6” cord wrap for my power cord, but I like the other ones too.

Also check out these great new designs:
iPad Air 2 Case
Sony Digital Paper Sleeve and Protector
Cross Bookmark
Infinity Wrap Bracelet
Tobacco Cord Wrap Set      Dark Coffee Cord Wrap Set      Chestnut Cord Wrap Set      Black Cord Wrap Set
Square Cord Wrap Set
Simple Dog Leash
Leather Ring and Leather Rings Set

And here are a few of the things we are discontinuing: iPhone 6 Wallet, iPhone 5 Case, iPad 2-4 Case, Medium Suitcases and 1 and 1.5 inch width dog collars. We’re not ending them because they are not good designs. They are, but we will always be doing this. Dropping some and adding others. It’s fun, I think. Not to worry though. There are people who buy lots of our discontinued things and then sell them for a profit down the road when people can’t buy them anymore.

Price Increase

I’ve got some sad news, but kind of good news for those of you who are reading this. We’re raising some of the prices on September 21st. The last time we raised prices was about three years ago. I don’t like doing it, but everyone around me keeps raising their prices for leather and other materials that we use to make our quality designs. But the good news is that you can get them now before they change. Here’s what I wrote about it back in 2012 and it is still valid today.

New Designs and Built by People in USA

My sister, Patricia, and I started up a second factory in Fort Worth, Texas that makes leather things too. We’re not going to replace the factory in Mexico at all, but rather back it up with production in the United States.

The Not Dead Yet Show

(NDYS) now has 11 episodes. Bear with us as we learn how to make a regular weekly show. You’ll see the tents we’re moving into, my hot wife, Suzette, telling stories about poop and butts, you’ll meet Doug and other Saddleback employees and other stuff that we find interesting.

Did you know that I bought a tractor? The way I see stuff like this is, the way you get good at photography is by taking pictures. The way you get good at public speaking is by public speaking. The way you get good at making a regular weekly show is by making a regular weekly show. If this helps, my mom thinks they’re super interesting and funny.

Tent on CBS

Turns out, someone at CBS saw one of our Not Dead Yet Shows and decided to do a show about a successful business couple moving into tents in the Fort Worth area. It lasted about 1:45. Here it is. More pictures and video of our life and work out of the tents will be coming soon.

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