Latest News : Carbon FAQ


We are completely discontinuing the current black leather, Carbon, that we switched to just over a year ago. But in case anybody asks you 30 years from now where you got a Saddleback Leather bag made with that leather, you can tell them that it was only in production from July 2013 until September 2014. We are going to start using a new solid black leather for the designs, and have already released a few in the new Black. Our military friends have told us that they must carry a solid black briefcase and it’s discouraging that they can’t carry anything we make because of the tough black we are using now. That’s been bothering me.

The current Carbon is so cool, that I’ve requested almost all of my dozens of prototypes made in that color so that I would have that leather around the house. Suzette and I and everybody at the warehouse LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s a great black and I personally travel with it. Believe me when I tell you that it’s hard to show in a picture how great a leather it is. But it’s time for the change. Once it’s gone it’s gone.

Will these Carbon items be back in stock once they sell out?
 Sorry, when these are gone, they won’t come back. It’s going fast, so be sure to check our shop and Dave’s Deals for your Carbon fix before time runs out.

Does the warranty and return policy apply to these items? Yes, or regular warranty and regular return policy apply to these items.

Why all the Carbon items?
 People who love black leather love it. We are in the process of releasing a new Black leather color and saying goodbye to Carbon. If you’re a Carbon lover, now is your time to get it while it’s still here.