Latest News : Give a kid the best present ever

Give a kid the best present ever.

I’ve been asking you to buy buy buy. Now I’m asking you to give give give. Seriously, think about this. Why don’t you sponsor a kid together as a family or on your own? Maybe it’ll be one of the kids in a child led home whose mom and dad died and now your kid is one less kid the head of the home (a 15 year old sister) has to worry about. It’ll be the best gift that kid has ever received and maybe the best gift you’ve ever given, Heck, maybe others in your sphere of influence will follow your lead.

If you don’t know how, consider Africa New Life to sponsor through. They make it really easy and they’re highly financially accountable as members of the ECFA. It’s who Suzette and I sponsor through, and we’ve met each one of them. And we hang out with almost all of our older kids on Facebook. It’s a load of fun. Maybe you could gather your family around the computer on Christmas Day and, as a family, choose a kid together.

And get this, that child will probably end up praying for you all three times a day and may even take your last name as their own. One of the things that changes the kids is that they know somebody thinks about them. What better way is there to celebrate Christmas at this time of the year when we received the best gift ever given, in baby Jesus?

Hope Coffee

Bean looking for just the right gift? Hope Coffee sells great coffee SO THAT they can pour into the lives and homes and minds and hearts of the people in the coffee growing communities in Honduras. And the beans are roasted fresh in Dallas, Texas right before it’s sent out. Our own church serves Hope Coffee. Personally, I like the flavor of the Honduran coffee over 80% of others I’ve tried. And they have some cool gift baskets too.

We want to let you know about Hope Coffee because they’re kindred spirits selling a quality product with quality values and fresh roasted coffee beans smell really nice, like fresh cut leather. If you need some coffee for yourself or your office or your church, what else do you need to know? This is what you’ve bean waiting for.

Reminder for Shipping and Buying Timelines

December 20th is the absolute last day for you to order something and get it before Christmas, and that’s only if you pay for Next Day Shipping. UPS doesn’t guarantee that Ground Shipping will arrive by Christmas if shipped after Dec. 10th, but they’re pretty sure. USPS gave us the date of Dec. 13th. So, if you procrastinate much longer (I totally understand if you do) then you won’t be able to take advantage of our Free Ground Shipping to get your box by Christmas. You’ll have to start paying for Expedited and that’s no fun.

And we’ve already begun running out of stock in some things, but be sure to come back since we’re working overtime to get those back in stock so you can get them by Christmas. If not, we have cool Paper and Digital Gift Certificates.

A Gift of Appreciation to You Newsletter Readers

I’m continually amazed at how many of you guys read our newsletters. Maybe it’s because we don’t send them out unless there is actual “news” to share. So I wanted to give just you newsletter readers a little gift to show my gratitude. It’s not much, but I hope you like it. See the details below.

Here are the details:

  1. Spend $150 or more between now and Dec 25th at Saddleback Leather and we’ll give you $25 back from that order.
  2. Offer ends December 25, 11:59pm Texas Time
  3. The Gift Code may only be used once.
  4. The code only applies to Saddleback and Backcast Outfitters designs.

  1. Go to
  2. Find a design or two at Saddleback that you really really want
  3. Add it to your cart
  4. Make sure your cart total is $150 or more
  5. Check Out
  6. Add Gift Code OURGIFT25 to your checkout cart and enjoy

The Not Dead Yet Show

These are getting better each time we do them. Lesson learned: The way you get good at something is by doing it, but don’t be afraid to try. We’re still learning, but they’re getting to be pretty fun. Episode 21- Skunks, Poo Piles, and a Dancing Bull. Dave shares his secret formula for cleaning dogs that like to wrestle with skunks, Suzette washes poo off of a crate-full of puppies, and Sela tells us what is takes to make a handsome chupacabra.

Merry Christmas,

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