Latest News : New Clutch Purse, Front Pocket Pouch & Auctions

New Product: Medium Clutch Purse

So my hot wife, Suzette, designed a bigger version of our original clutch purse for your Hot Wife (or future hot wife). The new Medium Clutch Purse is two inches wider, about an inch taller, and adds a little bit of depth. The ladies really seem to like the original design, and this one is pretty much the same thing with a little more space to carry stuff. Suzette built a coin pocket into it, and a cell phone pocket that’s big enough for her giant iPhone 6+ with case. The main compartment is just big enough for an iPad mini. Overall, Suzette says she loves using this bag when she needs to haul a little more than just the basic everyday essentials.

New Design: Front Pocket Pouch

We’ve also got a brand new design for you- The Front Pocket Pouch. It’s kind of a smaller version of the messenger bag, for when you don't need to haul your laptop. It will fit an iPad mini in a case though. Or if you're the kind of person who still enjoys reading actual books, this bag is great for carrying a book too. There's a front pocket for a little bit more storage, and a flat pocket on the back for quick access to your passport, tickets or other things like that. It’s a great everyday carry walkaround bag.

Facebook & eBay Used Auctions

Since my bags take 3 or 4 years to really get broken in, we started a new thing for the impatient ones out there. We’ve been collecting a bunch of beautifully aged, previously-owned bags over the years, and decided it’s time to send them out into the world where they belong. Check out the auctions on Facebook and eBay. Facebook ones are done in a day, so there’s always something new to see and bid on.

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