Latest News : A Thank You To Say Thank You With

Hey there,

We want to say thank you to you and there are a lot of ways we could do that. I could take a video of myself nodding and smiling at you and then send it to you. I could give you some sort of gift or I could just simply say thank you. Well, I guessed which one I think you’d prefer.

So here’s what we’re going to do. From now until December 18th for every $250 you give us, buying leather, we’re going to slip a $25 gift certificate* into your order for you to use later OR... to give to someone else. You could use it as a Christmas present and introduce someone to Saddleback or you could just simply give it away to someone as a Thank You. Some of the best gifts and thank you’s are when they’re least expected.

More specifically, here’s how it works. If you spend $250 to $499, then we’ll give you ONE $25 gift certificate. If you spend $500 to $749 then we’ll give you TWO $25 gift certificates, If you spend $750 to $999, we’ll give you THREE $25 gift certificates. And if you spend over $1000, then we’ll give you FOUR $25 gift certificates along with your order. And know that I personally kissed each one of those.

Thankful for you,

Dave Munson

El Presidente (The President)

Saddleback Leather Co.

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