Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey there,

First off, Happy Thanksgiving, a few hours belated. Anyhow, I’m thankful for you. Seriously, Suzette and I want to tell you thank you. We mean it.

As you may know, last January, we tried to leave our old website but stay with our old backend. Ummm… that didn’t work. It felt like matches under my fingernails burning while someone was pulling duct tape off my chest real slowly. I don’t have any enemies, but if I did, I wouldn’t wish it on them.

After a month of trying, we just threw up our hands and went back to our painful old website and we had hundreds and hundreds of would be customers, mad at us. So we said “Sorry” for all of the inconvenience we caused so many people. The “sorry” was a deal on leather.

Well, we did it again but this time it was a major break up. We left our backend computer system AND our old website for a new one and it was like trying to get out of a really bad relationship with the partner not making it easy to leave. We moved over on October 1st and it has been super frustrating to so many people. Orders weren’t going through, bags weren’t shipping, emails weren’t being answered because they were buried with 1700 other emails, phone calls weren’t be returned. Nothing. It was our darkest hour. Did you ever see that movie Misery with Kathy Lee Bates. Yeah, like that.

And for that, we are so so sorry. Honestly, I really hope we never have to apologize like this again. Suzette and I and Susan and Joe and the rest of us feel horrible because of making so many people feel so so bad and angry.

I said I wasn’t going to do this, but I figure we want to make it up to you now that we’ve gotten most of the issues shored up and working again.

So, starting now (“Black Friday”, or whatever it’s called) and through Monday (“Cyber Monday”, who comes up with this stuff?), we’re offering 15% off site wide because so many people weren’t able to take advantage of our offer for our 15th birthday at the end of October.

So, enjoy the long weekend with your family, stuff your face with tryptophan and carbs, take a nap in the recliner and hop on the site and do some shopping. There’ll be 15% off waiting for you.

Use code THANKSGIVING15 at checkout.

One more thing. We decided to open the Showroom November 24th from 10am-4pm Texas time so if you’re in the area, stop by and get some Christmas shopping done.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Dave Munson El Presidente (The President) Saddleback Leather Co.

* Promo code can not be combined with ID.me discount or used on Dave's Deals, any Love 41 sale items or Gift Certificates. Discount may not be reflected on your packing slip. Promotion runs from 11/23/18 to 11/26/18 11:59pm Texas time.

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