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Hey there,

Today (October 21, 2016) Saddleback Leather turns 13 years old and what better ways to celebrate than to give away gifts to you and release the HARDEST design I’ve ever worked on, The Hard Briefcase. Read on read on...

The Hard Briefcase Story

So, when my mom was pregnant with me, I'm thinking that some wacky woman in the grocery store rubbed my mother's belly and put a curse on me. And now, I've got this thing where if I start something, like a book, no matter how dry or boring or full of dumb thinking, I just have to finish it. It's like chewing cotton balls sometimes, but I have no choice. I don't always finish it right away, but it sticks in my craw until I do.

Well, that same curse awoke from within when I got into the designing process of the Hard Briefcase (never has a design been more appropriately named). At one point, I threw my hands up and decided to walk away for good, but then... I couldn't stop thinking about it. Not that I spent 7 straight years, every day, working on the design. You have to walk away every now and then to get fresh eyes and try new things. But it did come to mind most days. Kind of like the Saddleback furniture I’ve been working on for years or the cool clock I’ve had in my head since 2002.

Me and my trusty design sidekick, Quintero, built at least 12 different cases all together and then, to each of those, lots of modifications. But they were either too heavy or too thick or too squooshy or had some sort of weird look going on.

Finally on August 5th, 2016 at 1:33 p.m. it all came together. Oh glory, what a feeling to see 7 years of work come together. I almost cried, seriously, but I didn't. Not that crying is a sign of weakness or anything, but I'm just telling you that I didn't, but I almost did.

All that to say, if you happen to have the same taste in leather as I do, then you're really going to like The Hard Briefcase. Check it out.

Birthday Gifts From Us To You

Normally, when someone turns 13, they get a little awkward and stinky and their voice sounds kind of funky. And then people give them gifts to celebrate. Well, things are a little different for Saddleback. We’re turning 13 and we’re firm, smelling like leather and our voice is steady. And we want to give gifts to you.

To celebrate our October 21st birthday, we want to give you leather gifts when you add a piece of leather to your life. Use the promo codes below to get a free gift when you buy something from today through the end of the month. (FYI: Codes expire at midnight CST, Monday 10/31).

When you’re done shopping, simply add the selected gift at your purchase level to your Cart and apply that Promo Code. One gift per order & no substitutions. Gift Certificates excluded from purchase total.

Warm regards,

Dave Munson
El Presidente (The President)
Saddleback Leather Co.

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