Holiday Shipping FAQ

Holiday Shipping FAQ

Q: When’s the latest I can use free shipping and still get my package in time for Christmas?
A: UPS ground delivers in 1-5 business days, but in the two weeks before the holidays they don’t guarantee their delivery times. I’d recommend you leave a few days of extra wiggle room just in case it takes longer than normal for them to deliver. If it doesn’t get there in time for Christmas, you can take it up with UPS, but our Customer Service won’t be able to help.

Q: I live outside of the US. What discounted shipping options are available for me?
A: We’ve broken it down by region to make it easy. You can place any order, no minimum and no maximum, and still get our discounted shipping rates until December 29th. This is a flat rate for standard UPS and USPS shipping. If you want expedited it’s on your own dime.
  • Africa, Asia, & Oceania $45
  • Central America, S America $35
  • Europe $25
  • Canada & Mexico $15

Q: If I’m international, when should I order to make sure my purchase gets here in time for Christmas?

A: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Because of the ways different countries handle customs, we can’t promise you a specific time range, and that problem is made even worse during the holidays. We’ll get it out of our warehouse as soon as possible, but after that your order is out of our control. Your best bet is to get your order in with a couple of weeks to spare.

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