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As you know, the whole reason for Christmas is to celebrate the greatest gift ever given when we were given Jesus. And therefore, this time of year is a time when we express our love for people through a gift too. Read on and you’ll see how we’re doing our part. In this Newsletter:

  1. The Kind of Gift Certificate to Put Under the Tree. Read more.
  2. $5,000 of Leather, Spirit of Christmas Giveaway. Read more.
  3. Suitcase Full of Toothbrushes. Read more.
  4. Free & Discounted Shipping Reminder. Read more.
  5. Santa’s Evil Twin Brother Juan. Read more.
  6. A Saddleback Night Before Christmas. Read more.

 And to all a good night,

Santa Dave

The Kind of Gift Certificate to Put Under the Tree

Our new Gift Certificate on heavy card stock is the kind you can wrap up and put under the tree. And if you buy one of $150 or more, we’ll nail it to a big swatch of Saddleback boot leather. When’s the last time you saw a Gift Certificate worth framing? Order a certificate now, and you’ll have it in time to hang on or put under the tree. Or, we can email it for you to print out last minute too. Did you know that they say 59% of people prefer a gift certificate?

$5,000 of Leather, Spirit of Christmas Giveaway

$5,000 of leather given away? Is that the clip-clop of cow hooves or paws I hear on the roof? It must be time for our Spirit of Christmas Giveaway.


Christmas Contest


Visit our Spirit of Christmas Giveaway page to learn more and to enter the contest, or to vote on your favorite photo.

Suitcase Full of Toothbrushes

We have a real short film that pretty much sums up Saddleback and what we’re about, perfectly. And, if you want to see what your suitcase will look like 100+ flights and road trips later, check it out. It may be the best film we’ve released yet (you’ll see our best one ever, in a couple of weeks).



Free & Discounted Shipping Reminder

Just a reminder, we’re offering free UPS ground shipping on US domestic orders over $75, and special discounted international flat rates until December 29th, 2013. If you want to take advantage of this offer and receive your gifts in time for Christmas we recommend you order as soon as possible. We’re running out of a few things already. Full details are available on our Holiday Shipping Frequent Questions page. Oh by the way, we have uncovered some additional Dave's Deals and they will be available very soon.

Santa’s Evil Twin Brother Juan

Christmas Contest

Top 10 Little Known Facts:


  1. Santa brings his brother, Juan, “The Coalminer” Claus, along because he likes to keep his hands clean.
  2. He’s the reason NORAD tracks Santa’s Sleigh every Christmas Eve.
  3. (Ex?) leader of the Norse Side gang.
  4. Was once accused of stabbing someone in cold blood with an icicle, but there was no proof.
  5. Juan’s “Naughty and Nice” list is a little different from Santa’s.
  6. Prefers whiskey and cigars over milk and cookies.
  7. The toys he leaves are not appropriate for children.
  8. Enjoys telling children his brother doesn’t exist.
  9. He’s been banned from every Russian gulag, twice.
  10. He’s in a turf war with Krampus, the child-eating anti-claus of Alpine countries.


Click here to learn more about the story of Christmas, Major Greeting Card Companies™ don’t want you to know! (in part because it isn’t true...)

A Saddleback Night Before Christmas

One of our highly creative guys, Matt, came up with a Saddleback version of “A Night Before Christmas” as part of our Spirit of Christmas contest. I thought I’d pass it along for a bit of Christmas fun. I would like a sleigh made out of Land Rover parts though. You can read it here.