Latest News : Revelation, Proverbs and John in Great Leather


The Bible is the best selling book of all time for a reason. It’s really good. But one of the things I’ve always thought about is how cool it would be to have individual books of the Bible that I could just carry around with me and stick in my pocket to read on vacation or in between things without carrying my whole Bible around. So, I decided to start printing individual books of the Bible and wrapping them in Saddleback Leather, to make bite-sized, portable versions of the greatest book on Earth. We’re starting with a few of my favorites - John, Proverbs, and Revelation.

I happily chose my favorite version, by far, the New English Translation (NET Bible). It’s easily the favorite of folks who translate Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic for a living because it’s very literal but with a VERY teaching/readable vibe. It’s as true to the original languages as anything I’ve ever found.

The paper I chose is one of those ALMOST untearable waterproof papers, so it’s ready to take fishing or snowboarding or hiking. The printer told me that it takes 30X longer to print on this paper than normal paper. It’s really cool.

You can get them individually, or as a set and save a little, and we’ve got them in all four colors. Come by and take a closer look.

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