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Christmas Designs

I don’t like to talk about Christmas early. Something is just off when Labor Day rolls around and all of the mega stores start pulling out the tinsel and stuffed reindeer. You won’t see all that we’re up to for Christmas for a couple more weeks, but I don’t want to leave you completely hanging. A year ago, in August, I showed you our new leather Christmas stocking so you could think about decorating early. This year we have some designs I know will make your house smell great. Wait till you see them hanging on our tree on the tent deck! Let’s kick off the pre-season with this festive leather pine cone:

Grand Openings

Not to worry about our flagship store not opening yet. Things are still well underway. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Maybe Rhome, Texas, but not the Italy one. The preservation society here in Fort Worth have been busy doing their job of preserving the building we want to move into in the Stockyards and so things have been delayed. But they are now moving forward with the plans and so are we. Expect our store in 2016. My goal is for it to be the coolest store in Texas.

Daycare and Centro NOE

In the meantime, we couldn’t be happier about the opening of two really special facilities down in Mexico. One is Leoncitos Daycare for employees of Old Mexico Manufacturing. We had our Grand Opening on Friday, October 16th for that one. You can’t imagine how special it is for our team down there to have their kids taken care of for the day. It’s life-changing. It really is. And that love will be there in our leather.

Back when I lived in Mexico, I taught English and Guitar at a Centro NOE (Nuevas Opertunidades Educativas) program in Morelia. And while I was there, I had a bag made to carry my books and students’ papers to grade. Well, this weekend, we opened a new Centro NOE near our OMM factory to teach English to adults and their kids. There is also homework help and guitar and computer classes. The four year program is government certified and allows student to go on to teach English throughout Mexico and attend universities. This one is breaking the cycle of poverty in Mexico. We couldn’t be more excited.

Free Shipping

I have always tried my best to remove barriers to shipping during the holidays. When I shop online, one thing that helps me choose (#1 is quality) is when shipping is free. So, come on down to Saddleback Leather and we’ll take care of the shipping.

The Not Dead Yet Show

Episode 17 - Creepy Crawlies! Dave validates the skills of an anonymous telephone book advertising salesman, Suzette’s spider (and scorpion) sense is tingling, the Munsons do dinner in the dark, and one of our Rwandan friends eats the bacon for the first time Come take a look. Episode 16 documents my two hour haircut in Africa.

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