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Toe Carving Video, Chess in Sahara and New Designs

Watch this. So mesmerizing. I was wandering through the souk in the old medina of Marrakech with my family and came across this man carving wood things with his toes. It was so so fascinating that I had to film it. We posted it on Facebook and it got shared 5500 times in the first two weeks. If you watch the first 5 seconds you won’t be able to stop.


The tournament sized roll up chess set is almost ready. It’s in production now and should be out soon, but the chess pieces are individually created, so we won’t have very many of them at any one time. Sorry in advance.

But here are some pics of me taking it out in the Sahara and playing with my 5 year old son, Cross. He is now the official 2015 Munson Family Grand Poobah Sahara Desert Champion (I still tickle him often as punishment for beating me).

Sorry if these are sold out, but the sunglass/pen case have been well received. I personally have two. One I’ve been keeping full of some copper pens I’m working on with a leather sleeve on them. Real cool. And the other soft case I’ve used to carry my Ray Bans on our trips that we just got back from a couple weeks back.

We went to Rwanda to see our kids, Morocco for the Sahara, Belgium to break up the trip and after being home 16 hours, took the sunglasses to Mexico for 4 days to work on some designs and with our people. The marriage and English courses have begun at Old Mexico Manufacturing.

All of that travel and still no scratches. And… if you liked the pictures, you’re going to love the video coming soon.

Like many of my designs I like to make them so the user can decide what they’re good for. This one can fit your pipe, tobacco, cool pens, sunglasses, receipts, charging cords, earbuds and/or a set of travel tools.

There is now a smaller and more discrete luggage tag for your briefcase and smaller bags. Slip a folded business card in it or special instructions to your thief like “Stolen from Dave Munson 817 XXX-XXXX 1122 Boogie Boogie Ave... Steal the contents, but please return the bag. It’s like my child”.

I originally designed a leather coaster set because for the first time in my life I needed one. Who needs one if you don't have anything of value to protect from cup rings and such. Well you’re going to LOVE this new design. And if you hate it, then you better grab the old ones while they last because they’re going bye bye. The new coaster is designed flatter than the original so that if you place a full glass that has a high center of gravity off the edge of it, the glass won’t tip over. And if you think about it, glasses with high centers of gravity are usually filled with some sort of adult beverage and so there’s a better chance of not placing it perfectly on the coaster.

Random News

We’re moving to the Fort Worth area and for the next year or two the Munson family will be living in tents. Seriously, and my office will be in a tent too. Pics and more info coming as soon as my tentmaker friend in Nairobi gets done making them. And, would anybody be up for a weekly regular Saddleback TV show? It could happen.

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