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Giving all year long

First of all, Happy New Year!

So I always think it’s kind of weird when people are generous with their time or money during the end of the year, but not during the rest. Why not make generosity a lifestyle so that it’s just what you do. Why not take the family to visit at the old folks homes in March or July? Why just at Thanksgiving? Why not volunteer at the Salvation Army or Goodwill to fold clothes or at a battered women’s shelter or at a soup kitchen a couple times a month rather than just in December. I want to encourage you and hopefully you encourage others to live a lifestyle of generosity, not just be generous when it’s expected or when it makes you feel good. Makes for a great date.

If you’re looking for a place to start, just ask around. If you want to significantly change a life, consider being generous at Compassion International or at the place Saddleback is heavily involved, Africa New Life in Oregon and Rwanda

Surviving Valentine’s Day

Last Valentines I highly encouraged that people buy the book called Love and Respect. I said that it was the best gift you could possibly get your spouse to read together. If your marriage is just kind of blah or you’re constantly thinking “I’m married to an idiot” then read this book. Foundational. I’ve heard so many stories of couples who were planning to get divorced, but then read this book and called it off. It fixed Suzette and my marriage. HUGE for any relationship.

Well, this year I’m saying the same thing again. Don’t buy anything from Saddleback or Love 41 before you buy this book. Check out our little interview with the author of the book here. You’ll hear our story of how it helped us. Men, you’ll get more sex!!! Women, you’ll get more communication!!! Just read it. What do you have to lose?

And remember, Valentine’s Day is not for you. It’s for your loved one. So if you already have the book, then get your lover one of the new bundlesof good old fashioned nice smelling leather from Saddleback or Love 41. And if you don’t have a lover then remember this sage advice. You’ve got to love yourself before you can love others. Go for it.

iPad Pro Cases

Have you seen this thing? It’s HUGE. That big screen is going to need some protection, and this iPad Pro Case is my favorite iPad design yet. Looks like a lot of folks will be using the iPad Pro like a super slim laptop, so I designed a slot to hold the keyboard into the case. We launched it before Christmas but we’re just letting you know about it now.

Your Last Wallet

I know a bunch of you are out there sitting on a turd. Do me a favor and snap a picture of those ugly old wallets and post them on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts. I’m going to pick 30 of the crappiest looking wallets and then hook you up with a brand new Saddleback one, on me. You’re a beautiful person and capable of great things and you deserve better. More about the contest on the blog here.

The Not Dead Yet Show

I know it’s not Christmas anymore, but this NDYS is one of my favorites. In case you missed it, check out our Christmas special. Creepy Claire does Christmas, and the subtle differences between a Mexican and American office Christmas party. See if you can tell which is which here.

Happy New Year,

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