Latest News : Our Biggest Christmas Giveaway Ever, iPad Mini Cases Coming Soon

Our Biggest Christmas Giveaway Ever, iPad Mini Cases Coming Soon

Hey again. I know we just sent out a newsletter last week, but there’s a lot of cool Christmas and new design stuff going on around the shop and I wanted to keep you updated. You’re going to want to hear about the leather giveaway we’re running. It’s huge. Here we go:

    1. We’re Giving Away a Huge Pile of Leather to One Person Each Week - Suitcases, Briefcases, Coffee Sleeves and more. Is this what it feels like to be Santa? If so, his job might be (slightly) cooler than mine. Read more.
    2. iPad mini Cases Coming Soon - Believe you me, there’s a real cool feature for holding this simple case that you’re going to love when you see it. Read more.
    3. Three weeks left of Flat-Rate Shipping - As I mentioned last week, flat-rate shipping is here for Christmas. It’s a great way to save a bunch of money on shipping. Read More.

Win a Saddleback Christmas

We’re doing a Christmas giveaway this year that is bigger than anything we’ve ever done. I put together a few leather World Traveler sets aand we’re giving one away on Wednesday, December 5th, 12th, and 19th. So you’ve got three chances to win. Each week, one lucky person will get a giant pile of leather, including a medium Suitcase, a Duffel, medium Classic Briefcase, medium Satchel, medium Travel Case, iPad 3 Case, ID Wallet, Old Bull Belt a Coffee Sleeve, and some Chamberlain’s Leather Milk. It’s everything you’ll need for a few trips around the planet. It’s real easy to win... and fun. To see the picture of it all, click on this link.

Here's How to Enter (Win)

Click the Win a Saddleback Christmas popup on the right side of our homepage. Then click the Facebook, Twitter or Email SHARE icon to let your friends know that this is what you want for Christmas. If your friend clicks on that link once it’s posted on your Facebook page or sent out via Twitter or email, then it will record that one person visited the site to see the picture of the giant pile of leather we’re giving away every week. If 10 of your friends click on it, then that means you have a score of 10. Whoever generates the most clicks wins. And since we’re not a huge company, your odds of winning are way better than entering a Coca-Cola Giveaway.

Now, if you win, you don’t have to keep it all for yourself. If you’re feeling generous, just give us the addresses of the people you want the leather sent to and we’ll let them know that it was a gift from you (You would give it all away for Christmas anyways... right?... Right?). And remember, each giveaway resets at 12am CST every Wednesday from December 5 ‘til December 19 and lasts for only 7 days, so if you don’t win the first time, just re-enter again next week by re-sharing the link. Weekly scores do not carry over. And for all you super-friendly people out there with a million friends, you can only win once. We’ll announce the weekly winner on the Saddleback Facebook page. Make sure you Like us on Facebook to keep up with the Giveaways.

iPad mini Cases Aplenty

For those of you who only use your iPad mini while sitting or lying down and don’t want an affixed cover but at the same time don’t want it to get scratched in your bag, then we’ve had your solution for years. The iPad mini fits like a glove into the Medium Gadget Sleeve, Medium Bible Cover, and classic Pouch. It’s about time Apple launched something to fit. The cool thing about the Bible Cover is, you can slide the iPad mini in on the left side and a small notepad on the right side.

Over the last few years, I’ve spent countless hours and loads of money learning a thousand ways how NOT to make an iPad mini case and I didn’t even know it. You see, I’ve secretly been working on a slim case for my own iPhone, but to no avail. So when the iPad mini finally showed up, it only took a few days of intense concentration and recollection of which techniques not to use.

Photo from our friends at

I stitched a piece of leather on the inside of the cover so you can slide your hand in to hold it when the cover is folded back. This feature was inspired by something I found up in a little Alaskan town a few years ago that I knew I would use one day.

I’m really happy with how this case turned out and I just wanted to let you in on it so you wouldn’t go and do something you would regret before I got a chance to show it to you. It doesn’t look like it will be here before Christmas, but it should be on the site by Tuesday, February 5th, 2013. Gift certificates are made for times such as these.

Flat-Rate Holiday Shipping is Still Running

While only a few lucky ones will win a Saddleback Christmas this year, flat-rate shipping is our little Christmas gift for everybody that orders. From now ‘til December 14, 2012, whether you buy an iPad case or 10 suitcases, your shipping cost is the same. Here are the rates:

      • US - $10
      • Canada and Mexico - $15
      • Europe - $25
      • Latin America/South America - $35
      • All Other International orders - $45

To get the flat rate, make sure to select Flat-Rate from the USPS/Other shipping pull down menu during checkout. Keep in mind that if your order is under $150, we’ll ship it via USPS. All orders $150 and over will automatically ship by standard flat-rate UPS ground shipping (the flat-rate offer doesn’t apply to expedited shipping). Check out the flat-rate FAQ page if you’ve got questions.

Well, that’s all for now. Thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas,

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