Latest News : iPhone 5, Non-Saddleback Gift Ideas, Flat-Rate Shipping

iPhone 5, Non-Saddleback Gift Ideas, Flat-Rate Shipping

Dave here,

We've got a few things going this Christmas season that will hopefully make your holiday shopping quicker and easier.

  1. The Taller Gadget Sleeve gets an iPhone 5 - Just enough of an adjustment to the Gadget Sleeve Small (iPhone 4 case) to make the iPhone 5 fit just right. Read More.
  2. Flat-Rate Shipping is Back For the Holidays - Did you know all our leather is delivered by donkeys? Check out the rates for your area Read More.
  3. Hand-Picked Non-Saddleback Gift Ideas - Men, what if I told you that there was a gift that you could give to your woman that would be the greatest gift she could ever want and one that would get you way more... quality time with her? Would you want to know about it? Read More.

Leather iPhone 5

After we introduced a taller gadget sleeve, Apple designed the taller iPhone 5 in a scramble to keep up with the ragged pace of advancing leather technology ( it the other way around?). Their new telephone is taller than the last model, so I decided to stretch out my small Gadget Sleeve to fit. It's just a simple piece of 100% full grain leather, folded and stitched and lined with pigskin. The seams make for great shock protection and there's a hole cut in the bottom so you can hear the phone ringing, push it up and also charge it without removing it. Check it out  here.

Flat-Rate Holiday Shipping is Back

Saddleback Leather is getting into the Christmas spirit. We're offering flat-rate shipping as our gift for everybody that orders from now 'til December 14, 2012, whether you buy an iPad case or 10 suitcases, your shipping cost is the same. Here's the rates:

  • US -$10
  • Canada and Mexico - $15
  • Europe - $25
  • Latin America/South America - $35
  • All Other International orders - $45

To get the flat rate, make sure to select Flat-Rate from the USPS/Other shipping pull down menu during checkout. Keep in mind that if your order is under $150, we'll ship it via USPS. All orders $150 and over will automatically ship by standard flat-rate UPS ground shipping (the flat-rate offer doesn't apply to expedited shipping). Check out the flat-rate FAQ page if you've got questions.

A Few Christmas Gift Ideas

Men, what if I told you that I know of a gift that all women I've asked told me would be the best gift any man could ever give his woman. Would you want to know about it? What if I told you that by getting this gift for her, you would for sure get way more... um... quality time with her and that it would actually end up being the greatest gift you ever gave yourself? And what if I told you that it only cost about $15? Would you want to know about it? Below, you'll find that gift (item #4) and some other real cool ideas that I've come across recently that will make you one of the best gift givers of all time. And just so you know, we make a lot of these things for my friends and my wife down in our shop where my Saddleback bags are made. So you know it's Quality.

  1. Dirt, Smoke or Wood Scented Man Soap  -By Mountain Man Soap. The Gold Rush Dirt scented soap is made in small batches with a few tiny nuggets of real gold hidden inside some of the bars of soap. There's also Campfire scent, Cedar scent, a Mountain Meadow lavender flower scent and and an unscented one (Mountain Stream Water?). And, they're real big beastly and scratchy man size bars too.
  2. Fisherman's Wallet  - by Backcast Outfitters. Eric teaches fly fishing and designs all of his things based on what he personally wants and what he can't find. And if he and Deanna aren't fly fishing together, then you'll probably find them sheltering vulnerable women and single mothers in their home. Big hearts with a big understanding of a fly fisherman's wants and needs.
  3. Guitar Pick Holder  - by Anthology Gear Wear. Owned by my friend Brian. He really sweats every last detail and makes sure each design is perfect. I'm pretty sure there's not a more well-thought out guitar pick holder anywhere out there.
  4. Love and Respect  - by Emerson Eggerichs. This book is the best gift any man could give his wife with 21 coupons for the 21 chapters to read it. I'm not kidding when I say that I've asked a bunch of women if they would like this as a gift from their man and they almost all said that it would be the most amazing gift they could get. You see, by giving it to them, you're saying that your relationship is very very important to you. Suzette and I read this book because we were getting irritated at each other more and more often. It pretty much fixed it all. But seriously, reading coupons are great.
  5. Single Cigar Humidor   - by Vanderburgh Humidors -Eddie and I are twin brothers from different mothers. We have a blast when our families connect. And he has the same knack for making really high quality things like solid wood humidors and single cigar travel humidors.
  6. Facial Hair Wax  - by CanYouHandlebar - Doug Geiger works with us at Saddleback and has created treatments for all types of facial hair to keep it from going crazy. You should see his handlebar mustache. It's awesome and it fits him well. Can you handlebar?
  7. Makeup Bag  - by Love 41 - The nicest leather make up or gear bag built for tools or lipstick. And, my hot wife designed it. All profit goes to Orphans, Widows and Street Kids. Where Receiving is Giving
  8. Full Body Scratch Coupon - (just write it out and wrap it up). Good for one 1/2 hour full body scratch. Most men LOVE this. And if you haven't tried it, you're in for a treat. Serious, this is really really nice. Even the tops of the fingers or calves or eyebrows are nice to get scratched.
  9. Strange Work  - by Herb Munson - a.k.a. Revelation for Dummies. Ever wonder about Armageddon, who the Anti-Christ will be and how the World will end? It's an easy reading devotional commentary on the most interesting book in the world. Now, I'm not just saying this because my dad spent his life writing it, but it's the first book I've ever read that really helped me understand Revelation very very well. Maybe this is your gift to yourself?
  10. Rwandan Coffee  - by Land of a Thousand Hills - Grown in Rwanda and roasted in Georgia by real good people. By buying their coffee or getting someone a gift certificate, you're helping a lot of people.Drink Coffee, Do Good.
  11. Money Clip Wallet  - by Vvego - Robert Porter is a very creative and helpful friend of mine who cares for extreme quality too. I'm very proud that everything we design is made in Mexico and he is very proud that everything he designs is made in the U.S.A.
  12. Canned Guitar Picks  - by Whipping Post. My friend Ryan Barr owns Whipping Post. He's a super friendly guy that can establish a rapport with anybody in about 3.2 seconds flat. Everybody loves Ryan. He does some marketing work here at Saddleback too. These canned picks are essential for any serious post-apocalyptic Talkin'-World-War-III-Blues-musician.

Well, I hope that will make your holiday shopping a little easier. Thanks for reading.

Merry Christmas,

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