Latest News : Leather Valentine’s Gifts for Lovers and New Designs Launching Today

Leather Valentine’s Gifts for Lovers and New Designs Launching Today

As you know, all great lovers are great listeners and observers. They know what their lover likes and doesn't. When I see my wife excited about the gift she gave her sister, I take note. I hear her talking about her favorite websites and I listen. And that's how I give her gifts that make her feel loved. Here's an idea for you. Leave the Saddleback Gifts page open and watch them explore it. Observe and listen to what they say and then get them something they love.

If your lover isn’t dropping any hints, here are some ideas. Gray’s Sporting Journal called the Dry Bag ($197 - $347) one of their Accessories of the Year. The Utility Straps ($28.75 - $51) are low priced and if your man is a creative problem solver, he’ll use them on and off throughout the year. Our Cable Bags ($389 - $528) are great for keeping your bag organized. We hear all the time that women get asked about their totes and small clutch purses ($131). Come check them out... with your lover. And if you don't have one, then come and love on yourself.

    1. The New iPad Mini Case is Here - And it’s got a really cool and useful design feature you’re going to love.
    2. The Round Satchels - Now... they’re not just really strong, but they’re really really strong and lighter and smoother and bigger and they fit more. You’ll see.
    3. Rate and Review Your Leather - If you wouldn’t mind, let us know how your leather is holding up. You can now rate and review your leather on the site.
    4. Meet Kwasa Liste - Kwasa Liste is no longer literally on the wanted dead or alive list, but is now on a different kind of list. Watch the start of the probable multi-year documentary with Love 41.

The New iPad Mini Case is Here

All the lessons I learned designing the original iPad case really paid off on this design. This case is similar in many ways, but I also added a cool design feature on this one that works great with the smaller size of the iPad mini. I stitched a piece of leather on the inside of the cover so you can slide your hand in to hold it when the cover is folded back. This feature was inspired by something I found up in a little Alaskan town a few years ago that I knew I would use one day. Check it out in action during some field testing in Montana and Wyoming. Product demo of the new case here.

For those of you who only use your iPad mini while sitting or lying down and don’t want an affixed cover but at the same time don’t want it to get scratched in your bag, then we’ve had your solution for years. The iPad mini fits like a glove into the Medium Gadget Sleeve, Medium Bible Cover , and classic Pouch. Nice to see Apple is finally catching up with some of my earlier designs. The cool thing about the Bible Cover is, you can slide the iPad mini in on the left side and a small notepad on the right side. Also check out iPad mini product demos I did of the medium Gadget Sleeve and Pouch.

The Satchel Gets Even Stronger

In changing the design of the satchel to fit more stuff, I also made it stronger. Kind of like saying, “It’s no longer made of steel. Now it’s made of high carbon steel.” Now the sides, bottom, back and flap are all cut from a single piece of leather which eliminates three seams (the seams suck up space) and two leather pieces. It also makes it so the back is rounded out on the bottom and sides so they’ll fit iPads, mini iPads and Laptops more easily. I also changed the 13” size to 14” so it’ll fit a whole lot more stuff comfortably, including a 13” laptop in the back inside pocket. Watch the video to see a side by side comparison of the satchels and to learn what fits in what. Check out the product video here.

Ratings and Reviews on the Site

Our computer guy, Anthony, is one of those rare scary smart AND socially normal people who just put the finishing touches on a Ratings and Reviews feature for the website. Now you can post reviews of your leather directly on our site. Review your brand new leather, or your older Saddleback gear that you’ve had for years. We’d love to hear how your older stuff is holding up. I also want to hear about your bag’s adventures (and yours too). And please post a picture of the bag you’re reviewing, and not of your cat or F-150.

Meet Kwasa Liste

Kwasa is a young man we met early 2012 in Rwanda. He was sleeping on the floor of a ragged shack behind a woodshop. The space was about 4’ x 9’. There were actually two boys living there, because they had nowhere else to sleep and a leaky tin roof is a little better than no roof at all. Kwasa is twenty-years old and he grew up eating rotten garbage from the dump and stealing food to survive. At one point his stealing and violence became so notorious throughout Rwanda that it was said that he was on a “wanted dead or alive” list. Well, he’s on a different kind of list now. Watch the start of the possible multi-year documentary with Suzette and Love 41.

Through designing and selling women’s bags and accessories with our other company Love 41 (Valentine’s Day shopping, guys), Suzette is working hard to help provide hope and a future to young women and men like Kwasa. Suzette has a heart for “Special Cases” like him. A lot of her Special Cases are the ones that are too old or have needs too extreme for normal sponsorship and education programs. They’re at a critical juncture in life, running out of time and options and if something doesn’t happen soon, many of them will most likely be condemned to a short and violent life of destitution, hunger and crime. Suzette spends most of her time in Rwanda tearing up the streets looking for these Special Cases before it’s too late. There are plenty of ways you can help too. If you’d like to get involved, float her an email or go to her Facebook page.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading.

Peace to you,

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