Latest News : See Video of a Giraffe Eating out of our New Duffel Bag

See Video of a Giraffe Eating out of our New Duffel Bag

I'm real excited about where things are headed this year at Saddleback. We've got bigger backpacks and a brand new duffel bag design that converts into a backpack (which turns out to be very attractive to giraffes), and we're hiring.

  1. The Utility Duffel - It's made with only two giant pieces of leather and converts into a backpack. I can't think how to make it any simpler....or is it more simple? Read more.
  2. A New Size on Two Backpacks - The Simple and Front Pocket backpacks now come in a larger size. Read more.
  3. Hiring at Saddleback - We’re looking for a few great people right now to join our team. We’ll be looking for even more soon. Interested? Read more.

A New Duffel Bag Design

We're calling it the Utility Duffel. I'm excited about this one. I've been testing it for over a year now and it's finally ready. This is the simplest duffel bag design I could think up. It's made with only two large pieces of leather and lined with pigskin for structure and even more strength. This design makes it the lightest piece of luggage we make. It's just one big, simple compartment, with three buckles to keep it shut tight. I riveted a couple butterflies to the top so you can wear it in backpack mode too. It comes in medium ($548) and large ($598). Check out the video here.

New Backpack Sizes

The lighter weight and more supple Simple and Front Pocket backpacks now come in a larger 17" size for larger framed people ($558 for the large Simple, $598 for the large Front Pocket). I did a lot of field testing on it last year. This thing is a true workhorse. Check out some field testing and a walk thru of the bag here (see if you can spot my hot wife Suzette singing with the Masai women in Kenya).

Hiring at Saddleback

We're a real good company, but in order to really be great, we've got to invest in getting the right people on our bus. It takes just as much effort to be a mediocre company as it does to be a great one, and so we decided to be a great one. Therefore we're looking for great people to join the great people we already have. We're currently looking and will be looking for people to fill specific roles with us. Be checking with us on our Facebook page where we announce the jobs first and you can also look on our jobs page.

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