Latest News : Leather Valentine's Gifts and New iPad Air Case

Leather Valentine's Gifts and New iPad Air Case

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There’s nothing wrong with a nice dinner, candles, chocolates and flowers, but unless you freeze dry them and put them on the mantle, those symbols of your love will be digested, burned or forgotten in a matter of hours. And then where is your love?

May I suggest giving a symbol of your enduring love that will be remembered and talked about by your descendents that aren’t even born yet? I’ve got a new designs to officially announce below that’ll do the job. And, little known fact: The scent of roses mixed with the scent of leather creates a chemical reaction that has a tingling and loving effect called “Leatherosus Lovus Maximus”. Leather and steak can also induce this phenomena more commonly in men. Really!

  1. The iPad Air Case. Read more.
  2. Valentine’s Gifts Even Your In-Laws Can Appreciate. Read more.
  3. Free Shipping Through February 15th. Read more.

Peace to you,

The iPad Air Case

I'm proud to introduce the iPad Air Case. (Its been on the website since late December, but now that it's in a newsletter, it's official.) The iPad Air Case features a hand strap for one-handed video taking and game playing, and has a unique design that lets you take advantage of the entire iPad screen without compromising protection.

Valentine’s Gifts Even Your In-Laws Can Appreciate

The best relationships get better with age. Conveniently, so does Saddleback's leather. How symbolic would it be if rather than opening a box with diamond jewelry in it, your loved one opened a box with leather? (Besides, diamonds are boring and common. In fact, they're only so valuable because of artificial shortage.) Good quality leather is hard to find and will last the rest of your life and is a lot more useful. Not to mention it doubles as a great perfume.

Free Shipping through February 15th

Here's one last reason to think outside of flowers and chocolate this year: We're giving free UPS ground shipping on US orders of $75 and over from now until February 15th. Remember, Valentine's is on the 14th, so order ahead if you want your present ready in time. (We're just giving the procrastinators a few extra days. No pointing fingers.)

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