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Making Room in our Warehouse for Red, White & Blue


Hey there, 

We’ve got to clear out what’s left of our Tobacco and Dark Coffee Brown leathers to make things easier for our folks in customer service, production planning, marketing, shipping etc. and to make room for new/old leathers. I hate doing it via a major sale, because I think sales sound cheap and desperate. “Hi, I’m lonely and desperate and just want somebody to ask me out. Anybody?!!!” Don’t want to be that company. But we have a good reason. Here’s why:


Old and New Tobacco 

Over the past couple years, we’ve used different colors and tones of our handsome and most loved leather, Tobacco. Therefore, if you walk through our wonderful smelling warehouse today, you’ll find a good number variations of Tobacco on some shelves. Owners still rant and rave over it all, but I’ve decided to move back to our old Roughed Up Tobacco that we can get more consistently the same. Ummm... like what my 17 lb leather suit is made of.





Dark Coffee Brown 

And I’m also going to throw Dark Coffee Brown (DCB) into the sale too. I’ve made a decision to go back to a type of DCB that is reminiscent our DCB of days long past. Not sure if everyone is going to love it as much as our current DCB leather, but I think it’s pretty cool. So, in order to make room on the shelf for that new leather and not give our folks headaches and confusion going into the fall, I thought we’d just push the easy button right now.

Here's the 4th of July week page you can shop through to find great deals on select colors, sizes and/or designs while supplies last or until July 7th.



Dave Munson
El Presidente (The President)
Saddleback Leather Co.