Latest News : Retiring Designs

Hey there, Dave here. 

Well, we’re about to retire some of our most popular designs. We’re discontinuing some sizes and discontinuing other designs completely. And here’s why...

I was at breakfast the other day with a friend and he said, “Gee Dave, you sure have been coming out with a bunch of designs lately. I can hardly keep up”. And I told him that it’s just so much fun designing cool things. Later on, he told me that the average Netflix user spends about 44 hours each year trying to decide what to watch. And it really got me to thinking.

When I got home, I started digging into the idea of having too many options. And sure enough, I found article after article talking about study after study that too many options of the same thing could be a good thing for business, but not always. Then later that day, I was on a podcast and the host brought up the same subject. He said, “Man, I was on your site and absolutely love your stuff. I was looking at your briefcases, but couldn’t decide which one I wanted. But they sure are cool.”

And that sealed it, we have way too many options in some of the categories. And that’s what this letter is all about. Believe me, we had the toughest time deciding which ones to keep and which ones to retire. Each one has a good number of people who love them and argued for us keep them. Some are even our number one bestsellers in their category. And then I shared with Suzette about what I had learned and she is discontinuing some Love 41 designs too.

If you decide not to get one now, not to worry, surely someone will be willing to part with theirs on eBay or some other site. Almost everybody has their price. 

Here’s what we’re waving goodbye to below.

Description & Direct LinkSize
Front Pocket Leather Briefcase Medium
Classic Leather Briefcase Extra Large
Waterbag Large
Thin Front Pocket Leather Briefcase Large
Thin Leather Briefcase Medium
Thin Leather Briefcase Large
Leather Front Pocket Backpack Medium
Leather Satchel Medium
Utility Leather Duffel Bag Medium
Utility Leather Duffel Bag Large
Leather Overnight Bag Medium
Rolled Waxed Canvas Duffel Bag Large
Waxed Canvas Tote One Size
Waxed Canvas Draw String Backpack One Size
Leather Desk Pad (Mouse) Small
Leather Desk Pad (Monitor) Medium
Leather Desk Pad (Desk) Large
Leather Pouch One Size
Old Bull Leather Belt - 1 3/4" Wide All Sizes
Leather Dog Collar Extra Small
Leather Dog Collar (3/4" Width) Medium
Leather MacBook Sleeve (12") One Size
iPad Mini 2 Leather Case One Size
Leather iPad Case One Size
iPad Air 1 Leather Case One Size
Leather iPad Sleeve One Size
Digital Paper Protector One Size
Leather iPad Mini Sleeve One Size
Squared Leather Cord Wraps One Size
Convertible Leather Bracelet One Size
Braided Unisex Leather Bracelet One Size
Copper Pen Small

And from Love 41 (just in time for Mother's Day)


Description & Direct LinkSize
Leather Shopper's Tote One Size
Reversible Leather Hobo Purse One Size
Kwizera Crossbody Purse One Size
Wandering Fringe Bag One Size
Mac Messenger Bag One Size
Fringe Shoulder Purse One Size


Dave Munson
El Presidente
Saddelback Leather Co.