Shipping FAQ

Shipping FAQ

Q: I’m in the United States. How much do I need to spend to qualify for free shipping?
A: You need to spend $75 or more to qualify for free UPS ground shipping. That can come with lots of little items, or it can be big two truckloads of suitcases. Any way you want to spend that $75 is up to you, and you aren’t limited by any maximum. Remember, you have until midnight, Texas time, June 21st, to take advantage of the offer. Sorry, this does not apply to USPS.

Q: Can I order from Love 41 and have it count towards my $75 as well?
A: Sorry, but we don’t have any way to do that.

Q: When’s the latest I can use free shipping and still get my package in time for the holiday?
A: UPS ground delivers in 1-5 business days, but in the two weeks before the holidays they don’t guarantee their delivery times. I’d recommend you leave a few days of extra wiggle room just in case it takes longer than normal for them to deliver. If it doesn’t get there in time, you can take it up with UPS, but our Customer Service won’t be able to help.

Q: I live in the US and hate UPS ground shipping. The person I am sending the gift to lives outside the US and hates UPS and USPS both. Do we have any other discounted shipping options available?
A: No, sorry. We’ve conspired to choose only the options you don’t like in order to make this as painful as possible for you.

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