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Shooting and Shipping. One’s Free and One’s Not.

What do you get when you cross a cow, a pig, a sheep and 4 years of over thinking at Saddleback? Well, a lot of things, but most recently you get a pretty cool adjustable shotgun/rifle sleeve with a removable washable sheepskin liner. This is not a joke. Take a look.

As a kid, I was deeply intrigued with the guns Dad had in the closet. He’d pull them out now and then and we’d clean them together. And he’d recount the same old hunting stories and I loved them every single time. And then we moved to a home out in the country near Beeville, Texas and Dad got me my own gun. A real fancy Red Ryder BB Gun and it was the greatest thing ever. And this Christmas, I’m giving my boy, Cross, his first gun and I think he’s going to think it’s the greatest thing ever too.

And even if he never actually takes down a deer, or ends up eating a pheasant that he shot, for Thanksgiving, the hours I’ll spend on the hunt with my boy will communicate a lot more than you think. I’ll be teaching him what my dad taught me; perseverance, patience and most importantly, that he’s worth my time.

Right now, we have the Gun Sleeves in the most common size, but check back in January for a longer sleeve and one for scoped rifle too. And if you have a handgun passed down from your grandpa, our Pistol Wrap is of the highest caliber.

And please know, our Free Shipping for Christmas begins today and runs through Dec. 29th. See details here.

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