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12 Sec News: Watch Now our 2015 Sundance Short Film

Sundance Again

So, our filmmaker, Joe Callander, put together an eye opening film called Midnight Three & Six. It’s about my niece, Grace, who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes when she was six years old. And… the good people at Sundance were so moved by it that they chose it over 8001 other short film submissions to be in this year’s festival. It’s actually playing right now and here’s the cool part. You can watch it in full thanks to the New York Times here.

Please check it out and share the link. We’re really hoping it’ll do some good and raise some funding for artificial pancreas research at Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). A lot of people could really use your help with this.

When I asked Joe to move out of customer service and marketing to be Saddleback’s full time Filmmaker-in-Residence back in early 2013, it raised more than a few eyebrows. You can’t do that, they said. That’s a bad idea, they said. But I did it anyways. Art and Storytelling are very important to me, and a big part of what Saddleback is.

So I hired a filmmaker to do what filmmakers do. Make art and tell stories. When he got a Saddleback employee profile into Sundance in January 2014, people said, “That’s quite an accomplishment, but certainly a fluke. Like to see you do that again.” Well, here we go… again. Check it out. Funny what can happen when you hire people to do what they love.

Oh and one more thing. Did I mention that my wife is amazing? Here’s a short film Joe did for us that tells how we met. Maybe it’ll help you get into the Valentine’s Day mood..

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