Winter Photo Contest Winners

Winter Photo Contest Winners

Best Overall

By Daniel C.

This photograph was created in my home town, Uxbridge Ontario, which is a small town just over an one hour north east of the major city of Toronto. Quoted as ‘Canada’s Trail Capital’, there are plenty of wonderful and beautiful places such as the one in the photo. This view is of myself standing high on a look out hill with a view to see a good portion of the land. Every day I begin with a walk through this space, to clear my head and feel inspired for the day ahead.

Most Boring

By Mark B.

This photo was taken on a crisp, fall morning in mid-October while hiking in South Dakota. I stopped on the trail to suspend this handsome bag from a broken limb on a pine tree where the morning sun was shining through the trees to illuminate it in all of its rugged beauty.

Most Beautiful

By Jayna F.

I traveled from Kansas to Perth, Western Australia in October to train & spend time with my Rodan + Fields Team, there. Everywhere I went, I was met with fantastic hospitality and questions about where I had gotten my gorgeous bag. From a 40-hour plane trip, to upscale dinners, taking a Land Cruiser out in the bush, botanical gardens & bicycle riding on Rottnest Island, my Satchel fit right in, every time. This pic was taken on Rottnest, where I waded in the Indian Ocean, rode bicycles and cuddled Quokkas. It was a magical, unbelievable experience.

Cutest Pet

By Logan F.

My wife gifted my Doctor’s Bag for my "golden birthday." This photo was taken prior to its maiden voyage to visit family over Thanksgiving. While I was packing for the trip my dog Bauer, who runs the show in our home, was interested in the bag. I set him inside and he found it quite comfortable and stayed in it while I got the camera for a picture. Bauer is now wondering when Saddleback will be releasing either a luxury dog tote, or full grain dog bed.

Most Adventurous

By Richard S.

I set out to hike up the High Dune for sunset, but at the end of the day the winds kicked up stronger than I’ve ever seen them there. They almost knocked me off my feet a few times but I made it to the top in time for sunset. My bag looked like it was in it’s happy place on the dunes, and fortunately my camera survived without getting too much sand inside.


By Brian C.

This picture was taken at the Wizards of the Coast headquarters building in Renton, WA. The dragon is named Mitzy and is located in the 4th floor reception area. I worked for Wizards a while back and thought of this picture when I was reading about the Saddleback photo contest. My briefcase survived being hit by a bus while in the saddlebags of my motorcycle and my thought is that it must be at least as tough as dragon hide.

Cutest Kid

By Bleu L.

Zadok is 4 yrs old and ready to claim dad's Saddleback briefcase! Both of which have a growing character.

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