Tassel Leather Backpack

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This comfortable quality leather backpack is designed to bring compliments to the wearer. The longer you use it, the better it will look as it breaks in over time. Iit will hang on your body and the more compliments you will get.

This women's leather backpack was designed to make the wearer look good and get complimented and was built to eventually be handed down to and worn by the original owner's granddaughter. It was made with the strongest and most water-resistant leather that is available which is called Full Grain leather. And it was sewn together with an industrial grade German Polyester thread that just doesn't break or fall apart like Nylon does in the sun. Just know that you're wearing a very high quality leather backpack.

Dimensions (approximate):

  • Exterior: 11 ½” W x 17" H
  • Internal cell phone pocket measures 5  ½”  W x 8" H 
  • Fringe at bottom is approximately 5  ½” long
  • Weight- 2.8 pounds

I've really been wanting a smaller more lightweight bohemian-style drawstring leather backpack in our lineup and I think you'll fall in love with the Love 41 Drawstring Tassel Backpack as much as I have. We don't have any other drawstring bags so this is a real first for us. Why do I think you'll love it? Well, it's got great style and it's also a perfect size. It's also super soft and lightweight, but most of all its got fringe! So if you're looking for the leather backpack with awesome style and the ideal size, I'm sure this will turn into your go-to backpack.  

As always, the purchase of this bag helps love others in need through education, food, shelter & job training.

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