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Saddleback Leather: A People Business Cleverly Disguised as a Leather Bag Company

Welcome to Saddleback Leather,

Leather is a strong passion for us, but it's not the only thing you'll find close to our hearts. Saddleback Leather donates a substantial portion of profits to a number of organizations in the U.S. and abroad that help people who need a second chance, giving them a fresh start.

For every leather product you buy, we donate to Africa New Life as well as other foreign and domestic organizations. Your purchase provides food, shelter, clothing, education, jobs and much more for widows, street kids, orphans, single mothers and others in need. It's not just a lifetime piece you are buying, but also a chance to improve lives.

So whether you’re into amazing high quality leather, helping others, or both, Saddleback Leather is the perfect gift giving solution.

Gift Ideas

Give clients and employees a meaningful gift that will keep you in their hearts and minds for a lifetime, every time they use it. Consider a variety of Saddleback Business products, such as Notepad Holders, Moleskine® Covers, Cable Bags or Passport Wallets. Perfect gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah and holiday parties, or simply to say thank-you or reward a job well done.

Please Note: We have the ability to stamp your company logo on on nearly all of our products.

For more information, to make a bulk purchase, or for logo stamping, please use the form below.


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