Leather Dog Leash

0.40 LBS
0.75 (in)
45.25 (in)
0.18 (in)

Product Overview

We use only the best: full-grain leather (as much of the cow as you can get, short of the moo), strong pigskin lining, and premium, marine-grade thread (the kind used on shipping sails). Love is the only bond between a dog and its master that is stronger than our leash. Made from oddly thick vegetable tanned leather of an Old Bull with reinforced stitching for added strength. Approximate 4 feet length gives Fido tree-sniffing freedom, while still allowing you be leader of the pack. Built in handle loop will help you maintain Alpha status. The 1.25" wide leather dog leashes have a padded loop on handle to protect hand from the thicker leather and pulling dogs. The .75" wide handle loop is unpadded. Medical grade 316 stainless swivel clip for strength that won't corrode. This product was made in memory of Blue. Natural dog oil will darken leather over time. May vary by breed, climate and what the dog rolls in. Tested on animals. Mostly dogs.

Product Details
100-Year Warranty
Free Shipping
Adjustable strap length is 34"-59".

Dimensions (W x L)
0.75: 0.75" x 45.25"
Weight: 0.40 lbs

1.25: 1.25" x 45.25"
Weight: 0.80 lbs

Handle Hoop (L)
Exterior: 11"
Interior: 8"