Leather Man Soap, Saddleback Edition


Product Overview

This is a Mountain Man Soap / Saddleback Leather collaboration - Exclusive recipe made by only available right here at Saddleback Leather. Dave and the owner, Brett Traut are friends.

Mountain Man Soap Co. is known for making high quality long lasting man soap and Saddleback Leather using ground up leather shavings to give it a slightly coarse feel. The bars are much larger than your average bar of man soap and can be used as hair and beard shampoo too.

Each premium set comes with four scented bars of leather man soap inspired by the four Saddleback colors:

  • Pipe Tobacco
  • Dark Coffee Brown Pine Tar
  • Chestnut Woods 
  • Carbon Smoke (Activated Charcoal)

Bars of leather man soap are larger than average for a manly feel.

Dimensions (W x H x D)
4"  x 2.25" x 1.50"
Weight: 0.43 lbs (Each Bar)

This Saddleback Edition Leather Man Soap is made with full grain leather, by my friend Brett Traut. He actually goes up to the head of a mountain spring in the Sequoia National Park and gets gallons and gallons of fresh pure water and then comes home to make this soap with it. And know you're bathing with leather scratching your skin with perhaps the longest lasting and purest man soap there is. Love is put into each of these huge bars. People who buy this soap, buy it over and over again. Each bar is good for about 30 to 40 showers. When you absolutely have to bathe, do it with Mountainman Man Soap.