Leather Santa Hat

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Expected ship date is 5th Dec 2022

Product Overview

Need a Christmas spirit booster? Share Santa’s warmth and joy with this full-grain, tumbled red leather Santa hat. 

Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, or simply Santa, has a long history steeped in traditional Christmas celebrations. For most, this beloved character is a jolly, gray bearded man donned in a red suit with a red conical hat.

The type of hat that Santa wears is called a stocking cap, which is long and conical in shape, and also features a beautiful tassel at the end. Most stocking caps come knitted, but Santa Hats are typically made from felt or velvet.

Well, we’ve “one-upped” jolly Ol’ St. Nic in true Saddleback fashion….

Made from extremely tough full-grain tumbled leather, this Santa hat will be in family portraits for generations to come. Elegance and durability set this Santa hat far apart from any others. Not to mention the 100 year warranty which made it a purchase even Mrs. Claus couldn’t say no to.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review